Geek Music Monday – Lena Leclaire Announces Ocarina CD!

When most of us think of the ocarina, this image comes to mind:

Courtesy of Nintendo

While Nintendo can certainly claim some of the credit for making this flute-like instrument popular again, the ocarina has a long and storied history. The ocarina is a wind instrument with origins in Japanese, as well as Mayan and Aztec cultures. Throughout history the ocarina has been used in song and dance. It’s soft, soulful tones elicit a sense of journey. It is that melodic quality which makes the ocarina a natural selection for musical compositions.


Lena Leclaire is a classically trained musician and teacher. Earlier this year, she made the move to St. Louis, MO to join STL Ocarina, a company established with the purpose of reviving interest in the ocarina. Leclaire has been making the rounds on YouTube for the last few months, performing ocarina covers of songs from all genres. She is perhaps best known for her cover of the Carly Rae Jepsen song, “Call Me Maybe.”

Recently, Leclaire took to her YouTube channel to announce the upcoming release of her CD, “Winds of Time: An Ocarina Mosaic.” The CD will feature 12 original pieces across a variety of genres and will be available Wednesday, 09/19/2012. Along with the CD release, Leclaire will also be releasing a video for the song “Defiance.” Get a sneak peek at “Defiance” in Leclaire’s announcement video below.

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