Geek Music Monday – “Game Stop” by Adam Warrock

I have been listening to Adam Warrock since he released The Browncoats Mixtape. I hope you have also been a fan. If not, this week’s Geek Music Monday selection will provide an introduction.


Adam Warrock is a musician who combines pop culture and hip hop in  a seamless way that will have you dancing in your game seat. In addition to The Browncoats Mixtape (inspired by the television series Firefly & film Serenity), previous EP themes include the television series Parks & Recreation and X-Men, among others. His wheels are constantly turning, looking for inspiration for new music. When it comes to finding inspiration, nothing is off limits with music inspired by Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and Top Chef. To date, his most popular video has him teaming up with Vince Vandal for a track inspired by Disney’s animated short “Paperman.”


Courtesy of Adam Warrock


His latest track, “Game Stop” takes on the consumer rage sometimes directed at the biggest brick and mortar video game retailer and samples music from “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (If you haven’t heard this song, seek it out. It is well worth a listen). Referencing real game titles and alluding to situations many of us have actually experienced in store, “Game Stop” is clever and relatable.



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