Geek Music Monday – Game of Thrones Intro Theme Covers

All week I am preparing for the much anticipated return of the HBO series Game of Thrones. The television series instantly won audiences over and has truly captured the best-selling novels penned by George R.R. Martin on which the show is based. To ramp up for season 2, I have started a re-read of the novels and will be re-watching the first season of the HBO series. To further honor this beloved series, I will be featuring GOT-inspired projects from around the world wide web.


To start this week off, let’s get our groove on! The Game of Thrones intro theme is gorgeous in its original form. It evokes a sense of drama and intrigue and implies action, and somehow manages to hold the audience in suspense before a character even graces the screen, all while imparting feudal sensibilities. This is one of very few television themes I am very glad to sit through and hum along to, no matter how many times I hear it. Being that this is Geek Music Monday, I wanted to share a few musical adaptations created by fellow Game of Thrones fans. Enjoy!


With our first offering, the Game of Thrones intro shows it can rock out. Sound Designer and Composer Roger Lima (YouTube User Rorschach2012) provides an Epic adaptation that just may have you banging your head. Listen below and if you enjoy this cover, download the MP3 now.



Perhaps you prefer your intro with a bit more “thumpa-thumpa.” In that case, check out the Techno Remix from YouTube User Nevesera. You can download the MP3 of this version too.



This cover posted by YouTube User MermicolioN, feels the most authentic. Being performed by local musicians on traditional instruments, including the Gaita Gallega (Gallican Spanish Bagpipes) and Bouzouki (lute-like instrument of Irish or Greek origin), at a medieval festival in Spain.



For the gamers in the audience, you may be longing for an 8-bit treatment. YouTube User Digitapp has you covered with his cover, which you can also download a looping ringtone for iPhone or Android.