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Here at Good To Be A Geek, we believe everyday is a great day to celebrate being a Geek. What better time to celebrate than the holiday season? Whether you are a Caprican, Whedonite, Airbender or Zombie Killer of the Week, we want to encourage you to “let your geek run wild” and we are going to help you out.

We have teamed up with some of our favorite friends and procured some nerdy delights that we are gifting away . . . to you! All you have to do is send an email message. Continue reading for more information on how to enter, complete contest rules and a peak at the deliciously geeky goodness you could win.

Happy Holidays from Good To Be A Geek!

HOW TO ENTER: Submit an email message to with the Subject Heading “Geek Gifting.” Information required in the email message includes:

First & Last Name
Date of Birth
Mailing Address, City, State, Zip Code
Email Address (for notification)

All contest entries must also include the Good To Be A Geek tagline, “Let your geek run wild!” to be eligible.

*Limit one (1) entry per day.

********** GIFTS **********

Assorted Noms from Uber Dork Cafe

Uber Dork Cafe has created yummy snacks inspired by iconic geek experiences. Bacon & peanut butter combine to create incredibly popular Woookie Cookies, oatmeal and butterscotch in the Beam Me Up Scotchies will transport you and almond tea cakes are re-invented as Hoth Balls.

Our good friend, Natali, is the force behind the Uber Dork Cafe looking to provide a dork sanctuary for us all. Part cafe, gaming room and learning center, Uber Dork Cafe is a family friendly haven which will indulge the nerdery within by providing a place for geeks to hang out, learn and play. Stop in to try out a board game or spark up a video game console, read up on comics or talk science. Uber Dork Cafe seeks to engage and bring your inner kid out to play. For those of with children, Uber Dork Cafe welcomes kids and wants to include them too! They get their own space to hang out, art and science classes, as well as planned family activities to entertain children of all ages.

For more information and to check the progress of Uber Dork Cafe, visit the website at Also, check out the Etsy store where you can buy your own geeky goodness and support a fantastic cause! To get more of Natali, follow her on Twitter @UberDorkGirlie and tune into The Power Geeks Podcast where she co-hosts every week!

Luxury Lane Soap

Kylee Lane of Luxury Lane Soap creates geek-inspired soaps. These soaps are guaranteed to bring out the kid in everyone. Each adorkable piece is individually handcrafted with love and sheer nerd passion. All of her products include such incredible detail, you almost will not believe it is soap!

Shown on the left are the NES Controllers and Hans Solo in Carbonite. Her fantastic products have been seen on G4tv’s Attack of the Show, Think Geek, The Wall Street Journal, SciFi Wire and many other media outlets.

Visit the Luxury Lane Soap website at to check out the full collection of products! Be sure to follow @KyleeLane on Twitter for updates and more geeky awesomeness!

Halo 3 Master Chief Spartan-117 Action Figure

“In humanity’s continuing war against the fanatical armies of the Convenant, one man stands as both a beacon of hope to his people and a symbol of ultimate destruction to his enemies. That man is John-117, the Master Chief. And, armed with the Sniper Rife System 99D-S2 AM, there is no place for the Covenant to hide.”

This 5″ tall action figure from McFARLANE TOYS is equipped with 26 moving parts and includes a Sniper Rifle and Spike Grenade, so you can relive those well-spent hours of gameplay.

The Art of Joseph Michael Lisner

This 9″ x 12″ 176-page paperback book brings together the gorgeous character art of Joseph Michael Lisner in full color. Best known for his iconic diva Dawn, this book includes an inside look into the creation of the cover for Dawn: Three Tiers #1, from sketches to fully painted art, as well as many other pinups and other characters. Each painting was selected by Lisner himself to best represent his body of work.

Stargate: Continuum DVD

While SG-1 attends the execution of Ba’al, the last of the goa’uld system lords, Teal’c and Vala inexplicably disappear into thin air.  Carter, Daniel and  Mitchell race back to Earth, only to emerge from the gate inside the hold of a derelict WWII ship lodged in the Artic ice.  They soon realize that Ba’al must have gone back in time and captured the ship that was to bring the Stargate to America, thereby erasing the Stargate program from history.

As they try to convince the authorities that they must find a way to set things right, a fleet of goa’uld motherships arrives in orbit, led by Ba’al, his queen, Katesh (Vala), and his first prime, Teal’c.  SG-1 must get to the Stargate and find a way to return the timeline back to normal, otherwise the world will be divided up among the goa’uld system lords, and enslaved forever.

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan DVD

The Cylons began as humanity’s robot servants. They rebelled and evolved and now they look like us. Their plan is simple: destroy the race that enslaved them. But when their devastating attack leaves human survivors, the Cylons have to improvise. Battlestar Galactica: The Plan tells the story of two powerful Cylon leaders, working separately, and their determination to finish the task.

Directed by Edward James Olmos

Check back often as more gifts are added!

********** CONTEST RULES **********

No purchase necessary. Contest is open to legal residents currently residing within one (1) of the contiguous forty-eight (48) United States or the District of Columbia (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and other United States territories). Contestants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older as of the start date of the contest.

The contest will begin at midnight (12:00am) Eastern Time on December 10,2010. All contest entries must be received by midnight (12:00am) Eastern Time on December 24, 2010. Limit one (1) entry per day. Entries which exceed the entry limits will be void. Any attempt to enter the contest, other than the method described herein will be void. Winners will be selected from a random drawing. Winners will be announced on the website December 27, 2010. Winners will also be notified via email message to the email address provided at the time of contest entry.

Prizes are not redeemable for cash and prizes must be accepted as awarded. Value of prizes vary. Good To Be A Geek reserves the right to substitute any prize, due to unavailability, with a prize of equal or similar value. Contestants acknowledge that Good To Be A Geek and its staff are not liable for prizes that may be lost or stolen during delivery. Contestants acknowledge their information may be shared with contest sponsors, strictly for the purpose of prize delivery.

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