Gaming For Good – Good To Be A Geek Takes on the Extra Life Challenge!

Extra Life is an amazing organization which helps focus the time and energy of gamers to do what they love to do, PLAY GAMES…all for a good cause.


Each year the folks at Extra Life challenge gamers to raise awareness, rally support and do a bit of fundraising in the name of helping children. Gamers sign up and commit to play games for 24 hours. They seek out sponsorships from friends, family, fellow gamers and other do-gooders with proceeds benefiting local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

This year, the annual Extra Life Charity Gaming Event takes place Saturday, October 20, 2012.  Across the nation, gamers will flip the switch on consoles, spin up hard drives and break it down old school in tabletop battles for 24 hours of gameplay. Good To Be A Geek is no exception, with 3 of our staffers committed to play: Jessa Phillips, Dave Lucier and Andrew Marnik will answer the call! Feel free to sponsor us!


Support our Extra Life Challenge! Click our names below to sponsor our gameplay!
Jessa Phillips
Dave Lucier
Andrew Marnik


To take it to another level, Dave & Andrew crowd-sourced their gameplay. Dave allowed sponsors to weigh in on what games he should play, as did Andrew with the caviat of a Sega restriction. Plus, they will be live-streaming their gameplay and we will have the live coverage here!

Dave Lucier’s Live Stream!

Watch live video from rainedrop184 on

If you think you are up for the challenge, head to the Extra Life website ( and register! Don’t worry if you cannot devote a full 24 hours to a gaming marathon, Extra Life is flexible. Commit to play games for 24 hours and you can complete the gameplay on your own schedule. Mind you, sooner is better than later. Then, spread the word and encourage those who can to sponsor you!

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