E3 2012 – Microsoft Keynote

Graphic courtesy of Xbox.comMicrosoft sets out to rule your home entertainment experience. Bringing to the party new titles for some of the franchises we love, as well as a few new games. While games are good for gamers, Microsoft has not forgotten the casual market, particularly those using their Xbox 360 consoles as their gateway to entertainment content. The big push at E3 this year is the added content and integrated functionality Xbox Smart Glass promises.

Microsoft opened their keynote with something most gamers have been rabid for since it was announced, a sneak peek at Halo 4. Master Chief makes his return in the reveal trailer and gameplay demo, offering a closer look at a new world and a new force of baddies.

Sam Fisher is back in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Take down terrorists more smoothly than ever before with Kinect enhancements to add an additional layer of fluidity and control. Expect the latest title from the franchise to hit store shelves Spring 2013.

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana was on hand to show off Madden NFL 13 with Kinect capabilities. Kinect allows players more customization and the ability to call out players and change plays on the fly.

If soccer is more your game, no need to worry. The team at EA Sports has you covered with FIFA 13. With more intuitive gameplay, complete dribbling and new attacking capabilities, FIFA 13 puts players in the game.

If magic is more your thing, Xbox is hoping the next iteration of Fable will keep players using Kinect. Fable: The Journey has been designed with Kinect in mind. Capturing the power of motion, Fable: The Journey will keep players moving in their seat as they conjure spells and get in the game this holiday season.

The Gearheads knew Gears of War 3 simply could not be the end of the franchise. Enter Gears of War: Judgement! We know little more than this title will take place in the Gears universe we have come to know, but will be a prequel to the series that had us blowing sh*t up with Marcus, Dom and the gang. Sadly, we have a wait in store as the ambiguous 2013 is as detailed a release date as we’ll see at this time.

What is sexier than a fast car? The pit crew at Turn 10 Studios is bringing more insane races and a new stable of stylish cars to open-world driving games in Forza: Horizon. Get ready to rev your engine October 23, 2012.

Xbox users can already access Netflix, Hulu, Vuduu and plenty of other television and movie content providers on their consoles. Xbox plans to double the number of content providers in the coming year, with a major push in the arena of sports programming. Now users will be able to watch NHL, NBA, MLB, as well as 24/7 live content from ESPN. This season the best seat is in front of your Xbox.