Comic Review – The Underburbs

It is that ghoulish time of year, when we don costumes and ask the age old question, “trick or treat?” I could not ask for a better time to share one of my favorite comics, The Underburbs.


Photo Credit: T.J. Dort & Joe Haley


The Underburbs follows a young girl, Angela from the town of Pendleton. Angela has decided this will be the last halloween she will go trick-or-treating. Sadly, she finds herself sick and unable to partake in the holiday. All she can do is wallow in her misery and criticize the neighborhoods kids she watches from her bedroom window. That is, until her brother Damon and his friends conjure a portal to an evil dimension in the backyard. When Winifred “The Countess” and Bruce “The Hammer” emerge from the evil dimension, they begin transforming townsfolk into monsters. Angela takes on the mantle of would-be heroine and sets out to save the town from The Countess’ plan for domination.

The Underburbs is an indie comic from T.J. Dort and Joe Haley drawn in shades of gray. The story is not only about the main characters, Winifred and Angela. It is equally about the town of Pendleton, the Evil Dimension, their inhabitants and their disinterest in the events around them. This comic embraces the fun of the halloween holiday and does not take itself too seriously. From Angela’s snark, to the humor laced throughout the dialogue and the candid interactions with secondary characters. The Underburbs respectfully pokes fun at the tropes of the holiday and adds it’s own influence.

The Underburbs just released issue 11. While it can be hard to find this indie at your local comic shop, you can purchase all issues directly from Dort and Haley through their deviantART page. Keep up with the comic by liking them on Facebook. Dort and Haley often attend conventions, so keep up with them by liking them on Facebook so you can see them at their next convention appearance.

Celebrate halloween this year by picking up  a copy of The Underburbs!

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