Comic Book Heroines – One Shot Issue #4: Densha Otoko “Train Man”

Comic Book Heroines is a podcast featuring women reading, reviewing and discussing comic books.


In this One Shot, Christie Shinn shares her passion for a manga series, Densha Otoko, also known as “Train Man.” Densha Otoko is published by Shogakukan, Inc. in its native country of Japan and by Viz Media in the United States.

Comic Cover Art courtesy of Viz Media.

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Christie Shinn wears several hats when it comes to graphics and illustration. My childhood love of anime and video games comes through as an influence in my artwork. I tinker around with the digital paint and also do product design on accessories. I like faffing about, making up stories, and generally chasing the paranormal. Oh yeah, I love to try new things regarding eats, art, and hangouts.

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