Comic Book Heroines – One Shot Issue #1: Doctor Who Special

Comic Book Heroines is a podcast featuring women reading, reviewing and discussing comic books.

In this One Shot, Toni Adams offers her opinions on the Doctor Who Special series written by Paul Cornell.

Comic Cover Art courtesy of IDW Publishing.

Host Info
Toni Adams
 spends her days as a serious, dedicated veterinary assistant (just a inch away from becoming a licensed registered veterinary technician). She manages three local book clubs (Random Book Club, Scifi Chicks Book Club, and VF NoHo Cream Pies) and is a part of ten total book groups.

Her science fiction romance is catered by contributing to two websites: and

Her loves are further spread shamelessly across many fandoms. Her major fandom is Doctor Who but will gush endlessly about miniature gaming (MalifauxRasputina!), Magic the card game (black/white, she also hosts a monthly Boba and Magic group), anime, manga, knitting, cosplaying, crafting, and critters. Akin to finding a lotus, she discovered her first comic book heroine in Elektra while watching “Daredevil”. That led to X-23, swiftly followed by Runaways and Freshmen. Comic conventions are spent scouring the artist allies for new artists (Stuart Sayger, Jamie Tyndall, Greg Horn,Brian Kessinger), booths for new comics to love, and panels to admire more creative content.

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