Chiller to Produce Original Movies

Courtesy of NBC Universal

In a recent press release, Chiller announced casting for Ghoul. Taking a page out of Syfy’s playbook, Ghoul is the first ever original movie produced by Chiller. Both networks have homes under the NBC Universal corporate umbrella, so it is not really surprising that Chiller would also produce original movies.

Chiller is the cable network providing horror, thriller and suspense programming all day, every day, with documentaries, television series and feature films. Their tagline “Scary Good” reflects their attitude with regard to content, appealing to fans of darker programming, such as the Masters of Horror series or Trent Haaga’s Deadgirl.

Casting for Ghoul has also been announced with up-and-coming Nolan Gould taking the lead. Nolan Gould is best known for his portrayal of “Luke” on the hit television series, Modern Family. Also joining the cast is Barry Corbin, who has made a name for himself appearing in television series The Closer and Northern Exposure, as well as feature films No Country for Old Men and Urban Cowboy, among many others.

The excerpt below from the official press release gives a sneak peek at what viewers can expect from Ghoul, adapted from the novel penned by Brian Keene.

“Based on the acclaimed novel by horror maven Brian Keene, Ghoul follows a group of young friends who risk their lives to stop who – or what – is behind a rash of disappearances in their town. Ghoul is written by William M. Miller and directed by Gregory M. Wilson. Andrew van den Houten and Robert Tonino (The Woman) serve as producers for MODERNCINÉ.”

Ghoul is currently in production on location in Baton Rouge, Louisianna and is slated to premiere on the cable network late this year. Ghoul is the first of three original projects greenlit for 2011.

For more information about the original movie Ghoul, read the full press release. For more about Chiller, including programming schedules and where you can find it on your local cable provider, visit their website at