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Happy California Christmas from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend … and Miss Hannah Hart!

Merrie Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all! A very special Merci beaucoup!, all you kittens at GoodToBeAGeek, notably those whom annually enjoy my San Diego Comic-Con and WonderCon coverage! (Already thinking cosplay for WonderCon 2017! So excited! Thank Fortuna it’s back in Anaheim! Why leave Orange County if one doesn’t [Read More…]

Bloody Mary, Don’t Roast Me Tonight: A History-Geek Thanksgiving Sing-Along!

In this season of family, good friends and, of course, the annual roasting of a grand feast, whatever that may be (Tofurkey is always nice!), I proffer a wee excerpt from my pally’s, author Jennifer Susannah Devore, upcoming Savannah of Williamsburg: Washington’s Folly and the Western Frontier, Virginia 1754. Though [Read More…]