Calling Content Creators for Guest Submissions

Good To Be A Geek Media Network is currently seeking content from guest contributors. At this time, all positions are unpaid, volunteer positions. However, working with Good To Be A Geek Media Network provides an excellent opportunity to build your content portfolio, the opportunity for exposure to a wide audience and potentially, access to industry events. Good To Be A Geek Media Network accepts submissions of unsolicited content, outlines and story pitches for publication consideration.

Outlines or pitches should include:
The proposed topic;Desired distribution medium (article/podcast/video);
Concept or intended direction of the article;
Anticipated length of completed content;
Summary of potential sources (published reports, interviews, press releases, etc);
Anticipated date of completion.

Attempts to contact companies, organizations, networks, developers, actors, musicians or any party on behalf of Good To Be A Geek Media Network is expressly forbidden, unless authorized by the Good To Be A Geek Media Network Editorial Staff. Should it become necessary to use the name of Good To Be A Geek Media Network to secure access or information, prior approval must be obtained.All sources referenced, whether content or media contributions must be properly credited, irregardless of copyright status (varied degree of Creative Commons license, Corporate Copyright, etc.). All contributions are subject to editorial review and changes as deemed necessary by the Good To Be A Geek Media Network Editorial Staff and will be discussed with the contributor prior to publishing.

Good To Be A Geek Media Network reserves the right to publish content on, affiliated sites and distribution channels which syndicate our content, as well as social media networks.

Failure to comply with the guidelines set forth above will result in the immediate dissolution of the relationship between the contributor and Good To Be A Geek Media Network.

If you are interested in working with Good To Be A Geek Media Network, please submit your content, outline or pitch to submit[at], with the Subject line: Editorial Review.

We look forward to working with you!