Between the Covers: Dark Horse Comics at Comic-Con 2012

It may be true that Hollywood has gradually taken over more and more space at San Diego Comic-Con with panels about the blockbusters in the works or the latest attempts to entertain our television viewing minds, but comics still reign. This is Comic-Con, after all.

One of the examples of comics creating a beacon on the convention floor, is Dark Horse Comics. This little indie publisher has made a big name for themselves over the last 25 years. With incredibly popular properties such as Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Creepy, Eerie, Hellboy, Game of Thrones, Blacksad and more, their following is well earned.

Dark Horse Comics took the opportunity at Comic-Con to share a bit of upcoming news. The team has been busy, putting writers and artists to work. The result will be a very good holiday season for comic lovers!



Dark Horse is no stranger to the Star Wars universe, having published the comics for some time. Brian Wood is on board to write a new ongoing series that will take us back to the classic 1977 Star Wars universe audiences fell in love with! The new series will feature covers by Alex Ross. Rumors tells us you can expect to see the new series in January 2013.

Cover Art by Alex Ross | Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics


Perhaps you heard a rumor of Hellboy’s demise. Don’t you know no one really dies in comics? Dark Horse is bringing him back in a new series titled, Hellboy in Hell. The new series is just what it sounds like … Hellboy finds himself in the depths of hell and proceeds to do what he does best – kick a$$. Issue #1 hits shelves 12/5/2012!

Art by Mike Mignola | Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics


Lance Henriksen is making his comic debut with To Hell You Ride! Who better to write a new horror series than a horror icon. He teams up with Joseph Maddrey for the story and Tom Mandrake’s art will grace the pages. To Hell You Ride shows us why sacred burial grounds should not be disturbed when a plague ravages a small town. Issue#1 hits shelves 12/12/2012!

Cover Art by Tom Mandrake Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics


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