At The Con – Dragon*Con 2012: Web Series 101 Panel

Some people celebrate Labor Day weekend with a barbeque at the beach. Me? I prefer to spend my holiday weekend in Atlanta, Georgia with 50,000 of my closest geek friends at Dragon*Con.

This year was another fantastic year, filled with cosplay, parties, concerts, celebrities and fan panels. This is not my first year attending. In fact, this year I had the opportunity to return as a panelist on a number of fan discussion panels.

One of the panels I am most proud to have been a part of was titled Web Series 101. David Speakman, Suzanne Najbrt and myself spent an hour chatting about web series, what we enjoy about web content and where others can find series. For those of you who were unable to attend, I was able to record audio of the panel. Due to the nature of the recording, some of the audience comments may be difficult to hear.

Dragon*Con 2012: Web Series 101

Attendees received a listing of various web series from a multitude of genres (see below) to get them started finding web series they would enjoy. As with any entertainment, taste is subjective. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive. I encourage everyone to continue to watch as many web series as they can to find the genre that appeals to them.

Should you have any questions, or if you are looking for additional suggestions, feel free to leave a comment here. You can also join the Dragon*Con American SciFi & Fantasy Media Group on Facebook!

Audience Participation

– It’s All In Your Hands Network

– Satacracy 88

– Bar Karma (aired on Current TV)


Social platform that allows users to meet new people and get home safely by pairing Party People with Designated Drivers. As part of their marketing campaign, they are producing a web series.

– Away We Happened
AT&T sponsored. This series follows a couple who mistakenly switch bags. They both have “baggage,” but will this be the start of a new relationship? The series incorporates a “choose your own adventure” mechanic, asking the audience to vote on how the story will progress. Completed, 6 episodes.

– Daybreak
AT&T spoonsored

– Astonishing X-Men: Gifted
Written by Joss Whedon for Marvel Comics. Six episode series.

– Seven Brothers


– Adopted by Aliens

– Electric City
Backed by Tom Hanks. Hosted by Yahoo.

– The Heresy Saga


– Wonders of the Universe
An animated comedy series which follows the crew of an intergalactic cruise ship.

– Uncanny X-Men
Fan-made series bringing to life the Uncanny X-Men comics.

– Brothers Barbarian
Two teenage Barbarian brothers journey to find the witch who cursed them to appear middle-aged, in order to reverse the curse. Completed Season 1, 6 Episodes available now. Currently seeking sponsors for Season 2.

– Space Turkey
A comedy improv series which takes place on a spaceship. The show is recorded live on Stickam with audience input via chat or Twitter. Episodes are hosted on My Outerspace, the sci-fi social network created by William Shatner.

– Cell: The Series


-Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor
A fan-made web series inspired by the BBC show, Doctor Who.

– Guidestones
In the midst of producing a project for college, a couple of journalism students uncover a global conspiracy. Currently in pre-production for Season 2.

– The Skyrim Parodies
– Co-op of the Damned

– Horrible People
An internet soap opera following an esteemed family that has fallen on hard times and looks for ways to maintain the lives they have become accustomed to.

– Shelf Life

– Transolar Galactica

– The Silent City

– Transylvania TV

– Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II

– Jedi Camp

– Osiris
Titled after the main character, a detective who cannot stay dead. Once killed he is revived exactly 37 minutes later. The series follows Osiris as he attempts to locate a kidnapped witness. Through his investigation he discovers a bigger conspiracy and hints that may lead him to the origins of his abilities.

– Blood & Bone China
A period web series, set in 1880’s. When a country doctor finds his brother is missing, along with many others, he embarks on a journey to discover why people are disappearing and what his brother’s involvement was.

– Continuum
Not to be confused with the Canadian television series, Continuum takes us inside a spaceship where a crew member awakes to find she is alone…or is she?

– Vampire Mob
A dark comedy series, shot documentary style following a Vampired who happens to work for the mob.

– Bite Me
Created for Machinima, the series follows a group of gamers who must put their skills to practical use to survive the zombie apocalypse. Complete Season 2 posted.

Created for Machinima, RCVR is reminiscent of X-Files; wherein, government agents investigate UFOs and alien visitation. Complete Season 1 posted.

– H+: The Digital Series
Technology and humanity meet when the future goes too far. Season 1 currently being posted with new episodes every Wednesday.

-Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time
Started as a skit, Inspector Space Time, in the tv series Community, the creators successfully funded the first season through Kickstarter. Awaiting series premiere. Trailer)

– L5

– Last Man(s) on Earth
Part How to/Part fantasy, this series imparts partical survival skills the hosts learned by watching disaster movies.

– JourneyQuest

– Walking In Circles: An Epic Tale About Dragons n’ Stuff
A medieval comedy, following the journey of a group of adventurers on their first quest. Currently in post-production for Season 2

-Batman: Death Wish
A fan-made short film

– Bat in the Sun
Fan-made live action Batman shorts.

– Batgirl: Spoiled
Finally, Batgirl gets her own series. Follow her adventures beginning in September!

– The Collectibles
A reality show style show following the misadventures of a group of superheroes.

– Save the Supers

– Avengers Assemble


– Damsels & Dragons
A series which follows the adventures of a female LARP group. Currently in pre-production for Season 2.

– Realm of LARP
A reality show style series which follows a group of LARPers through a game, exposing the story and gameplay, as well as the perspectives of the players.

– Glitch
A series following Brian “Glitch” Banner who dreams his life was more like a video game and the glitches he encounters. Currently airing Season 1 with new episodes every Monday. There are also a series of Bonus Life “slice of life” mini-episodes currently posted.

– Fallout: Nuka Break
A live- action fan-made film based on the popular video game franchise, Fallout.

– Geeks & Gamers Anonymous
A series which follows a trio of female geeks and gamers as they geek out in various situations. Currently in pre-production.


– The Beauty Inside
Community participation is required for this dramatic slice of life series that follows a person who wakes up looking completely different every day. Narrated by Topher Grace.

– Awkward Embraces
A comedy series following Jessica and her friends and the awkward situations they encounter in dating.

A faux reality series about a family whose daughter competes in toddler pageants. A comedic take on the tv show Toddlers & Tiaras.

– My Gimpy Life
A web series following the life of an actress trying to make it, who just happens to be in a wheelchair.

– Bloomers
Series following a group of 20-somethings living in Los Angeles, surviving life and love. Complete Season 1 posted.

– Husbands
Created by Jane Espenson. Season 2 premiered August 15th. Comedy following the marriage of 2 high profile gay men upon the legalization of same-sex marriage.

– Fresh Hell
Starring Brent Spiner as a fallen celebrity that has committed a fatal mistake. Complete Season 2 posted.

– Squaresville
Zelda and Esther are two teens that don’t fit in. Follow their adventures as they survive in the town the just doesn’t get them while staying true to themselves.

– The Professionals
A series about the misadventures of tech support…or contract killers? Complete Season 2 posted. Season 1 available on dvd via Amazon.

– Lizzie Bennett Diaries
Modern-day take on Jane Asten’s Pride & Prejudice told through a video blog format.




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