At The Con – Dragon*Con 2012: Truly Outrageous Panel

 Courtesy of Unreality Magazine


The following is a recording of the Truly Outrageous panel presented for the American Sci-Fi Classics track at DragonCon 2012. The panelists include Dash from Shauncastic, Laura Haywood-Cory from Baen Books, Stormy from Shauncastic, Tegan Hendrickson from Cavalcade of Schlock, Laura Rosado of Shauncastic and myself, Jessa Phillips. Towards the end of the panel, Jenna Busch even joined us at the panelist’s table. During the panel we discuss how sci-fi attempted to appeal girls, where creators succeeded and where they didn’t. At times we did get a bit rowdy, so this panel isn’t exactly safe for work.


The audio was recorded using a portable mp3 recorder placed on the panelists table. Due to the nature of the recording, audience participation may be difficult to hear while the panelists may be loud from time to time. We thank everyone who was able to attend the panel and hope you enjoy it as well.
Dragon*Con 2012: Truly Outrageous

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