At The Con – Arisia 2013

Jessa Phillips is joined by Misty Pendragon to discuss Arisia 2013. Every year, the city of Boston opens their arms to geeks of all aspects for a weekend of fun, music and parties! This year, the Boston Westin Waterfront played host again to Arisia, a convention which embraces the geek community with lots of interesting panels, fantastic artwork, plenty of shiny baubles and, did we mention, parties!?!



For more about Arisia, check out the website at

You can find more of Jessa Phillips & Misty Pendragon on our official home at Good To Be A Geek.

Also check out Misty’s interview with Terrence Znudich & Darren Lynn Bousman, the men behind The Devil’s Carnival and Repo! The Genetic Opera, on page 431 of Carpe Nocturne’s Winter 2012-2013 issue –


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  1. Awesome podcast! There were 2 girls who had done the weeping angel… one wandered the halls and the other was in the Masquerade, but their dress design was almost identical.

  2. I wonder why you do not publish these programs as podcasts?

    As far as I can tell you can ONLY listen to these programs on your blog pages. You cannot download the episodes to listen on a mp3 player.

    The RSS feed that I find is only for the blog posts, not the actual program. I would add a second RSS feed so that folks could enjoy these as podcasts.

  3. You can subscribe to us on iTunes. As far as the RSS feed, it updates the audio when used with a Podcast Manager. You make an excellent point though and we will begin providing a link for direct download. Thanks for the feedback!

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