An Interesting Story of Manhattans, Majordomos and Manny

Kittens, sometimes life isn’t all sequins and martinis, even for a sunshiny, San Diego, Good Time Girl like Moi. Sometimes bad things happen, justice loses its way and good people must pass on, leaving friends and fam to wish it was not so. As Dr. Lucy says, “Loss is never okay.” Right-o, babydoll. We say farewell to a dear pally, a true, all-around geek amongst geeks, whom went too soon, too harshly. We should like to share him with you. Meet “Manny” and be sure to cherish your dear ones this season. One never knows when they’ll be coming my way!

An interesting story … he began, ’tis oft how he began.

Should you hear these words, lean forward, listen closely.

A ripping good yarn was sure to come, a tale and a full glass.

Always a full glass, for he loathed an empty glass.


An interesting story … he grew up well and was disallowed dungarees.

He never heard of Del Taco, yet found his true love at Delmonico’s.

Early were the lessons of a well-polished wingtip and bespoke tennies,

A hearty steak, a smooth scotch, a strong handshake and a stirring conversation.


A formidable and gracious host and interviewer was he.

“Sorry I went all ‘Charlie Rose’ on you there,” he apologized after your first, long chat.

Life was “all about getting a good story out of it”. That he did.


An interesting story … Teddy Roosevelt was a standard bearer.

George Washington and Winston Churchill, too.

Rise of Rough Riders, Studies in Greatness and the Craft of Intelligence.


“I hope you enjoy this biography of T.R. as much as I did.

I’ll be happy to forward the next volume to you at your request.”

I should very much like to make that request.


“Sometimes, I like being the dork in the corner, reading a book.”

“Why don’t you go an’ learn something, Brain?”

Books, books and more books. Text me, anytime.

Bios, history, politics, golf and Roberts Rules of Order.

How to dress like a gentleman and the etiquette of the green.


An interesting story … his cache of Disney trivia was greater than even mine, maybe.

Tears of laughter sloshed from Mad Tea Party cups,

Chicken dinner at Main Street’s Plaza Inn, comforting as could be.

An evening at the Park with friends, a nightcap at the Hotel, not to be refused.


Grand Californian’s Hearthstone Lounge, Trader Sam’s, the classic Hotel.

Manhattans, Shrunken Zombie Heads or a rare reserve.

Closing down Disney, done well indeed.


An interesting story …  he was going to bring back spats.

“Thank you, ladies. I’ve spent half the day shopping,

for pocket watches and spats at”

You are welcome; though we never got to see your spats.

Perchance Brooks Brothers will make you a special pair.


Hercule Poirot, Caesar Rodriguez, Frasier Crane and Picky Ricardo,

Would all approve of the spats revival; so would Manny.

C’est difficile to watch Modern Family of late.

Manny makes us laugh, and weep. Manny hits too close to heart.


An interesting story … everybody should have a majordomo.

He was absolutely right. A majordomo knows, knows all.

A majordomo knows which drink to serve, when.

“Never iced tea at night. Manhattans? Well, those are for the Big City.”


We raise our collective Manhattans to you, Good Sir.

In San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and Wine Country,

You are absolutely correct … everybody should have a majordomo.

Cheers to you, Good Sir! Photo: "Manny"

Rest in Peace, our dearly departed friend.

You are missed.


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