Are You a Geek or an Uber Geek?

Whereas geeks were once bullied and made the laughing stock by their peers, today, geek has become the new cool. Every year, a new blockbuster hits theaters based on a comic book hero, television shows are sprouting up with nerds as their protagonists, and video games have never been cooler. People who would have once shied away from showing their nerdier sides are now able to display their true selves to the world without having to worry about as much derision or criticism than ever before.

When trying to describe oneself, the question becomes: are you a geek or an uber geek? A geek is someone who looks forward to attending Comic-Con every year. An uber geek on the other hand looks forward to attending Comic-Con while dressing up as his or her favorite character. As one of the the tell-tale characteristic of a geek, poor eyesight comes in varying degrees between geek and uber geek. Generally, the worse someone’s eyesight is, the more likely he or she is an uber geek.
Geek's Guide to Becoming an Uber-Geek
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The Making of an Uber-Geek

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