5 Fandom Friday – Magical Items I Would Like to Own

This Friday I am sharing the five magical items I would like to own. The hardest part in creating any limited list is always keeping to the specified number. This week, that surely rang true.


As I began thinking about some of my favorite things in the realm of fantasy, I began to realize something about myself. As it turns out, I have a rather dark streak. If I ran into myself in an alternate universe, I would not be surprised, in the least, if I were a villain. As you look at my choices of magical items, you will see what I mean.


1.) The One Ring

Graphic Credit: LOTR Wiki


“My precious,” indeed. I am a woman who enjoys classic, timeless pieces of jewelry. There are few pieces more classic or timeless than a simple gold band, forged in the flames of Mount Doom. The hidden script which can only be illuminated by fire is a nice touch and a beautiful secret for those who luck into possession. Delayed aging is a lovely side effect in a world consumed with youth. “One ring to rule them all.” Here’s hoping the power would not go to my head.

2.) Leprechaun Shillelaugh

Graphic Credit: Mirthinablog.com


More than a simple walking stick, this wooden stick is imbued with a bit of magic allowing leprechauns to access rainbow paths which transport the weilder wherever they want. Bonus pot of gold included!

3.) Maleficent’s Staff

Graphic Credit: Disney's Maleficent
Graphic Credit: Disney’s Maleficent


Maleficent: an evil witch or a jilted fairy seeking revenge? Her staff focuses her power and with enough focus render her magic unbreakable.

4.) The Cosmic Key

Graphic Credit: He-Man.org


Created by Gwildor in the Masters of the Universe film, this item is a blend of technologic marvel and magic to open dimensional portals in space and time. The ability to travel to alternate dimensions and see the wonders different universes have to offer calls to my adventurous side. Not to mention the pretty, pretty light show and beautiful melodic tones emited when the Cosmic Key is activated.

5.) Ruby Slippers

Graphic Credit: The Wizard of Oz


Before Dorothy Gale lost her way, these sparkly kittens belonged to the Witch of the East. She knew the power of fashion. “There’s no place like home.” With the power to transport the wearer with the click of their heels, I just might drop a house on someone to slip on these kicks.


What magical items do you desire?