2016-2017 ABC Series Announcements

This afternoon, ABC embraced its commitment to “distinctive storytelling” with the announcement of its programming for 2016-2017. Among those shows returning to the network are “The Catch,” which won over audiences with it’s sleek and sexy take on a procedural manhunt.

Graphic courtesy of ABC Disney

Joining the ranks of network fan favorites to return to the network is “American Crime.” The limited series giving audiences an inside look at the myriad of aspects which can affect, or be affected by a crime, seeks Emmy gold with another season.

Graphic courtesy of ABC Disney
Graphic courtesy of ABC Disney

What really piqued my interest were a couple of the new series coming to ABC this programming cycle. While Marvel fans were mourning the loss of “Agent Carter” last week, they will find new excitement for Hayley Atwell in her new role on “Conviction.” Atwell plays a former First Daughter with a past full of mistakes who must pay her penance by helping the wrongly accused get the justice they deserve.

“Time After Time” hopes to capture the magic of H.G. Wellls’ The Time Machine in a series that is part costume drama. To give the show a contemporary twist, Wells finds himself transported into modern-day America by way of his time machine. This time, he is on a mission…save the contemporary world from his friend, Jack the Ripper, who has managed to use the machine to escape justice in their own time. While the airing date for “Time After Time” has yet to be announced, we do have a sneak peek at the series trailer.

Returning to the small screen and the conspiracy genre is Kiefer Sutherland in “Designated Survivor.” Sutherland plays a low-level politician designated not to attend the State of the Union address when a catastrophe rocks the nation and makes him the new leader of the free world.

ABC teams with Shonda Rhimes again to bring a historical fantasy drama to the network. “Still Star-crossed” picks up where the classic tale of Romeo & Juliet left off. In the wake of the death of the most unfortunate lovers, the fate of war-torn Verona rests in the most unlikely of marriages. Are honor and duty enough to foster love and unite a nation? Find out in the new series “Still Star-crossed.”


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