Watching the Web – Star Trek Captain Picard Single Ladies Video

I came across this video in passing and it has been making the internet rounds. Once I recognized what exactly it is, I simply had to share.


Just about every television series and major motion picture these days, gets an action figure. Star Trek: The Next Generation is no different. Today’s Watching the Web brings you another take on the music video for Beyonce’s pop hit, “Single Ladies.” This version boldly goes where no action figure has gone before. Featuring the action figures of Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data as they put on their dancing shoes and show us that plastic action figures still have some moves.



Huge thanks to Shannon Downey (@shannondowney) and Dawn Hancock (@dawnhancock) of Team Downcock for creating this wonderful stop motion music video with some of our favorite TNG crew members!


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