Watching the Web – Overturn Web Series: An International SciFi Mystery Series

I am always excited to see web series pushing boundaries and trying something new. John Deryl set out to create something truly different in the web series Overturn. He has created the first international sci-fi mystery series distributed solely via the world wide web. When he says international, he is not kidding. With cast and crew hailing from a number of different countries, including the Ukraine, Australia, Russia and Nigeria, to name a few.

Filmed in Kiev, Ukraine, the story centers around Christopher Gabriel, a young American man who has long suffered from terrifying nightmares. When his nightmares take on a life of their own and he is kidnapped by a group of mysterious people who seem to know more about him than he knows of himself, things really get interesting. The audience follows along with Christopher eager to find out what it all means. Is it a dream within a dream? Who are these strange people and how do they know about him? Who is Christopher? Does he have a purpose to serve?

Catch a glimpse and get a feeling of the series’ tone by viewing the trailer below.

Having seem the first few episodes, it is no surprise Deryl used dreams as a plot point, as he dreams BIG. Though Overturn is a web series consisting of rather short episodes, he has done a fantastic job of creating an intriguing series that draws the audience in. From set locations to lighting to score, all of the pieces work together to capture the ominous threatening tone that keeps the audience engrossed. Don’t just take my word, go check out the series for yourself.

The first five episodes are available for viewing at the Overturn website¬†and average approximately three (3) minutes each. While you are on the site, you can register to become a priveledged fan to get future access to additional content, as well as access to the community forums and chat. Don’t forget to stop by the Facebook Fan Page and let all your friends know about this innovative new series.


  1. Just watched Overturn after reading this review. What a series! I love the mystery! And it really so different from other sci-fi fi shows. John Deryl indeed made a great show! Looking forward to the second season.

  2. John – So glad you enjoyed Overturn! The fact that it is so different from other scifi series is what I find so appealing as well. John has a great sense for suspense.

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