At The Con – PAX East 2013 with Nicole Wakelin


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PAX East is the second largest consumer gaming convention in the United States. We are blessed that this event takes place nearby GTBAG HQ. Jessa Phillips and Dave Lucier were on hand to play games, attend panels and rock out at the concerts. As we like to do, we are reporting back with all of the convention goodness for those of you who couldn’t join us or those who want to relive the good times.

In this bonus episode, Jessa Phillips sits down with our friend, Total Fan Girl, Nicole Wakelin to discuss their experiences at PAX East. They discuss the games demonstrated on the show floor, panels they participated in or attended, rage quit Facebook games and embrace video games used for education.

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Good To Be A Gamer, Episode 115 – At The Con: TempleCon 2012

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TempleCon 2012, the gaming convention with a retro-futurism theme celebrated it’s 7th year. Jessa Phillips was there. Nicole Wakelin joins her this week for a candid discussion about this quirky convention. Find out what you missed and make plans to join us next year!
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Special thanks to Sterling for the use of his music in the podcast. Be sure to check out his Magnatune profile page to learn more about him and discover more of his music.

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Movie Review – Thor

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Total Fan Girl, Nicole Wakelin is armed with her popcorn for another trip to the theater. This time she’s reviewing the latest Marvel adaptation, Thor in IMAX 3D. Find out if Thor is truly mighty.


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Once again I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on movie tickets. It’s not enough that the price of a regular admission with soda and popcorn is roughly equal to my mortgage. Now, all the biggest movies are being released in Imax 3D which adds the cost of a car payment to the experience. I end up walking into the theater knowing I may be living in a cardboard box soon and hoping that it will be worth it in the end. This was my mindset when I went to see Thor on Friday night. I really, really wanted to love this movie. I wanted to cheer out loud, knocking over my popcorn as I threw my hands in the air and screamed “For Asgard!”  with the rest of the theater. The Mighty Thor had to meet some mighty high expectations.

See, the thing is, superhero movies are tricky business. The characters are known entities with huge backstories.  They’re beloved by legions of comic fans and if they aren’t treated fairly then everyone will cry foul, loudly. It has to have a genuinehero’s journey tempered with just the right amount of comedy. Not the easiest thing to do when your hero is a guy who swings a hammer over his head like a propeller and flies through the sky. So, I went into the theater hopeful but nervous about what I was going to see. I’m happy to say that Thor lived up to my expectations in every way. The scenes of Asgard in all its glory were beautiful. Thor was wonderfully cocky, only to be humbled into becoming a true hero. There were swordfights and giants and men in black and, well, everything you hope for when you go to a superhero movie. And it had just the right dash of comedy, with our blustering hero getting taken out by a girl with a Taser gun.

Although Thor has a rich backstory, you don’t have to know a thing about him or the Marvel universe to enjoy the film. Everything you need to know is explained as the movie progresses and you’ll love him, and hate him, and root for him through it all. If you are a fan of the Thor and The Avengers, though, you’ll delight in the references made to other characters. There’s even a cameo from Stan Lee (Excelsior!) and if you sit through the credits to the very end you’ll be rewarded with a nice little sneak peek at what the future may hold. I actually enjoyed this so much I ended up seeing it again the next day with my kids because they’ve fallen in love with The Avengers after watching the animated series. My only complaint - it leaves you wanting more and that won’t happen until July when Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters. Two months should be just enough time to save up my pennies for more popcorn. In the meantime, let me know what you thought of the movie.  Was Thor mighty or meek?

New York Comic Con: More Than Comics


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cross-post from Total Fan Girl

Let me admit up front that although I like Comics, I do not consider myself a Collector.  I buy them randomly as the mood strikes.  The last one I purchased was The Guild comic and it came with two different covers.  I did not buy both.  I know, I know, but letting my daughter pick out the one that she liked best was far more satisfying for me than having both in my meager collection.  Like I said, not a true collector.  As a result, I found that the comics were the least interesting part of my weekend at NYCC.  Now, before you start throwing rotten veggies at me for such heresy, you should know I will hold up a comic as a shield and you risk defiling it’s pages, so put down the tomatoes. There, much better.

Even not being a Comic person, this was an impressive Con.  There were boxes and boxes full of plastic-sleeved treasures for the hardcore collectors to peruse.  Artists were there, too, lots of them, signing their work and anything else you had for them to personalize.  There were even some artists creating custom skateboards with their characters on the spot, which was just amazing to watch.  These guys have more talent in their pinkies than I possess in my whole body. And despite the crowds, the majority of these artists were very accessible.  Even the big names who had lines were still there, talking to fans and signing away.  If you were willing to wait a bit, you got your chance.  While you were waiting in line you could always people watch, and were there ever people worth watching.

The Cosplay at NYCC was incredible and it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend.  There were superheroes, villains, video game characters, anime characters with crazy pink hair and everything in between.  And these weren’t costumes pulled from the shelf at the local Halloween shop.  These costumes were hand-done labors of love with attention to the smallest of details.  There was a group of attendees dressed as Luke, Leia, Han and Anakin and even their hair, their Real hair, was absolutely perfect.  Now that’s commitment.  The only problem with all these tricked out costumes was the risk of losing an eye to a wayward weapon, but that was a small price to pay.

There were even booths that were not comic related at all.  I visited the Xbox Kinect booth and now can’t wait to have one of these in my living room.  I flailed my arms and jumped up and down in an effort to steer my little raft in the right direction and didn’t even care about the crowd watching because it was just that much fun.  You could also get up on a stage complete with lights and smoke and try out The Michael JacksonExperience.  Just imagine a bunch of Geeks trying to dance like him, complete with moon walk and crotch grabs, and, oh yeah, dress them up like The Joker and Batman.  Priceless.  So, if you didn’t get to New York Comic Con this year because you thought it was just about comics, think again.  And get your badge for next year before they’re gone!

Sexy Gamer Girls FTW!

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I posted a video of the Geek and Gamer Girls Song a few days ago on Total Fan Girl because I loved it the minute it blasted through the poor quality speakers on my laptop.  I only watched a little before I had to hit pause and demand that my husband stop what he was doing and watch it with me.  I think he was playing some game on his iPad and I may have made him lose but, hey, he’s a Gamer, he’ll get back to it eventually.  This video though, had to be watched immediately for the sheer awesomeness of the whole concept.  I played it a couple of times to hear all the words and catch all of Seth Green’s rap.  It was then stuck in my head for the next few days.  I can’t sing one verse of the song this spoof was based on (Katy Perry’s California Gurls) but I can belt out the spoof with ease. 

In the days since Team Unicorn released this video, in addition to all the cries of “Awesome!” there have been a surprisingly large number of people crying foul.  The big reason?  The women in the video are sexy.  This is wrong.  This is horrible.  Somebody DO something!  It’s just awful that this spoof was made with such attractive women, they said, because not all women are that attractive and certainly not the women they were supposed to represent.  Everyone knows Real Gamer Girls and Real Geek Girls are all ugly trolls hiding in their basements, wishing they could find a boyfriend.  Okay, no one said that exactly, but if sexy women are such a huge misrepresentation, then reality must be the opposite, right? Wrong.

In “the real world” there is no one type of woman that plays games.  Some are sexy (have you checked out the cosplay at most cons?) but not all.  So, people asked, why wasn’t there a nice representation of that variety in the video?  Well, for one thing, the women who were behind the video and star in it happen to be Gamers and Geeks in real life.  That’s right, folks.  These sexy chicks could kick your butt in any number of games and rattle off Geeky quotes faster than the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.  They are real.  Enough of that line of questioning then, okay?  More importantly though, why did everyone get so angry?  I’m a woman and I wasn’t instantly offended.  The women are attractive.  So what?  Should they instead have found the most unattractive women possible and had them in the video, too or would that have been just as roundly criticised for calling all Gamers and Geeks ugly?  Probably.

This is a well-produced, fun, spot-on spoof. It makes so many wonderful references to Geek Culture that you really do have to listen more than once or look up the lyrics to fully appreciate them all.  It has sexy women.  It has Seth Green, Katee Sackhoff and Stan Lee! There are stormtoopers and comic books and the best spoof of the YMCA moves ever.  Why doesn’t everyone just take a step back and enjoy the video for what it is instead of what they think it should have been?  Sexy Gamer Girls FTW!