E3 2014 – Ubisoft Media Briefing

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To watch all the trailers and gameplay footage for the titles announced during the Ubisoft Media Briefing, check out the YouTube playlist we have cultivated.


To start the conference, we get a look at Far Cry 4. Dan Hay, Executive Producer, introduces the newest chapter in the franchise, set for release November 18, 2014 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


Aisha Tyler returns to E3 to host the Ubisoft Media Briefing for the third year.

Just Dance 2015, is the newest game to the dance genre. Just Dance 2015 includes the latest chart topping tracks featuring Pharrell, Ellie Goulding and more. The game adds more social functionality with community remixing, as well as the ability to put players in the game and allow other players to score your performance. Just Dance 2015 is set for release October 2014. Jason Altman, Executive Producer, took the stage to show how a smartphone & internet connected display can turn any smartphone into a controller and allow any player to dance no matter where or when.


Patter Mannerfelt, Producer, introduces Tom Clancy’s The Division.


The Crew presents an expansive, US coast to coast open-world driving experience. Julian Gerighty, Creative Director, joins Aisha to explain how Ubisoft has been gaining gameplay feedback and the Route 909 campaign, which put a call out to players in 7 worldwide locations to play and compete. The Route 909 finals will be available streaming on TwitchTV June 10 & 11th. Ubisoft is also opening the closed beta on July 23, 2014; visit http://www.thecrewgame.com/beta to register. The Crew will launch November 11, 2014 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Alex Amancio, Creative Director, presents the French Revolution in Assassin’s Creed: Unity, set to release October 28, 2014. The new title includes a 4-player shared gameplay experience.


Charles Huteau, Creative Director, announces a partnership with Xbox for Shape Up. The new title looks to bring gameplay to fitness in an attempt to make workouts fun. Players can record their performance and replay to compete against themselves or share with friends for some friendly competition.


Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a puzzle adventure game which follows four friends and their canine companion through the battlegrounds of World War I. In a unique partnership with the documentary film, Apocalypse: World War I, the game provides a true historic transmedia event with the inclusion of film footage in Valiant Hearts.


Yves Guillemont, Co-found and CEO of Ubisoft, expressed his appreciation for the fans and developers. He also took the opportunity to show off Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige.


E3 2014 – Microsoft Xbox Media Briefing Highlights

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To watch all the trailers and gameplay footage for the titles announced during the Microsoft Xbox Media Briefing, check out the YouTube playlist we’ve cultivated.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, opened the briefing, promising to devote the briefing entirely to games. To start things off, Spencer announced a partnership between Activision and Sledgehammer Games for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, While not an exclusive title, Xbox players will have first access to add-on content. Look for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to be released November 4, 2014.

Dan Greenawalt from Turn 10 Studios took the stage to reveal the Nürburgring track will be available in Forza 5, available for download starting today…and it’s FREE. Ralph Fulton from Playground Games took the stage to share Forza: Horizon 2 with a bigger and more diverse inventory of cars. will have dedicated servers for instantaneous connectivity and the ability for players to create their own clubs. Forza: Horizon 2 will be available September 30, 2014.

2K Games and Turtle Rock Games announced Evolve with Xbox exclusive Beta access and DLC. Players will have the opportunity to select from four of classes, including: Assault, Trapper, Medic, Support; or, choose to play as the monster.

Vincent Pontbriand, Senior Producer at Ubisoft introduced Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The newest title in the franchise will be set in 18th century Paris, France during the French Revolution. Assassin’s Creed: Unity will allow players to join up to 3 friends to create their own brotherhood.

Electronic Arts (EA) & BioWare announce premiere content available first on Xbox One for Dragon Age: Inquisition which is set for release October 7, 2014.

Ted Price of Insomniac Games shows off Sunset Overdrive, an open-world survival game with off the wall action and comic sensibilities. In addition to the single player campaign, chaos squad mode allows 8-player co-op on dedicated servers. October 28, 2014 exclusively on Xbox One.

Capcom announces Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper EX plus αPlayers will be able to cosplay as their favorite Capcom characters with super moves, power-ups, bonus stages and a co-op mode to allow up to 4-players. Available now on Xbox Live.

Alex Rigopulos, Founder & CEO at Harmonix gave us a look at Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Available October 21, 2014. Gamers play as the sorcerer’s apprentice and remix music as the core game mechanic, combining music and magic.

Also coming as a Xbox One exclusive this fall is Dance Central: Spotlight which will be available as a download only title in September 2014.

David Eckelberry, Game Director at Lionhead Studios introduces the next title in the Fable franchise, Fable: Legends, exclusive to Xbox. Players choose to be the hero or the villain.

Project Spark is back on Xbox and PC. The tool which allows players to create their own games, as well as play games created by other players. Boasting over 1,000,000 creators, multiplayer and co-op functionality, now with tools to create galaxy landscapes.

Exclusive to Xbox One is Ori and the Blind Forest from Moon Studios, available in Fall 2014.

Bonnie Ross, Studio Head, and Dan Ayoub, Executive Producer, of 343 Industries  appeared to introduce Halo:  The Master Chief Collection. Available November 11, 2014, the entire Halo franchise unlocked will be available exclusively on Xbox One to play Master Chief’s entire history however players want, including over 100 multiplayer maps, all running on their original engines at 1080p ,60 frames per seconds on dedicated servers. Halo 2: Anniversary Edition is coming for Xbox One, including the original Halo 2 multiplayer and 6 of the Halo 2 maps optimized for the Xbox One. Halo: Nightfall, the live-action digital series, produced in collaboration with Executive Producer, Ridley Scott will be included with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, to lead up to Halo 5: Guardians. Further, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will include beta access to Halo 5: Guardians starting December 2014.

And now a look into the future…to be released 2015 and beyond:

Playdead, the developer behind LIMBO, presents INSIDE which will debut on Xbox in 2015.

Chris Charla, Director of the ID @ Xbox program takes the stage to talk about indie titles coming to the Xbox, including: Forced from BetaDwarf Entertainment, Knight Squad from Chainsawesome Games, White Night from Osome Studio, Spectra from Gateway Interactive, CUPHEAD from StudioMDHR, Dive Kick from Iron Galaxy, Below from Capy Games, Grave from Broken Window Studios, Woolfe from Grin, Source from Fenix Fire Entertainment, FRU from Through Games, Lifeless Planet from Stage 2 Studios, and many more!

We get the world premiere trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider, scheduled for release in the holiday 2015.

CD Project RED shows off gameplay of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, scheduled for release February 24, 2015.

Ken Lobb, Creative Director of Microsoft Studios announces their re-boot of Phantom Dust, exclusive on Xbox One.

Ryan Barnard, Game Director at Massive Games introduces gameplay from Tom Clancy’s The Division with new content available first on Xbox One. Look for The Division to be released in 2015.

Hideki Kamiya, Game Director at PlatinumGames, Inc. gives us a peek at Scalebound, to be available exclusively on the Xbox One.

David Jones, Co-Founder of CloudGine reveals Crackdown, exclusively for Xbox One with dedicated servers on Xbox Live.

Good To Be A Gamer Podcast – E3 2013 Wrap Up

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Jessa Phillips is joined again by Chad Julian as they discuss the next generation of consoles, new games and what they are looking forward to from the E3 Expo!


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Good To Be A Gamer Podcast with Chad Julian


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Questions? Comments? We want to hear from you! Feel free to post a comment on the podcast entry at http://www.goodtobeageek.com, or email us at gamer@goodtobeageek.com. You can also email David at dlucier[at]goodtobeageek.com, email Jessa at jphillips[at]goodtobeageek.com.

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E3 2012 – EA Keynote Highlights


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Graphic courtesy of Electronic Arts Electronic Arts (EA) takes the opportunity at their E3 2012 Keynote to highlight a few of their biggest hits. The publisher also reveals some of their goals for gaming development, including extended the gaming experience through more closely knit social interaction, more intuitive gameplay and digital downloads.

EA and Visceral Entertainment present Dead Space 3. This horror, action-adventure game is back and more thrilling than ever! It features, for the first time in the franchise, co-op gameplay. Rife with new environments, new characters and bigger baddies, Dead Space 3 promises more heart-pounding action, coming in February 2013.

For the sports fans, Madden NFL 13 looks to enhance the franchise with more authentic gameplay. The improved Infinity physics engine creates more realistic play by taking into account physicality, action and balance. The Connected Careers function allows for a more immersive experience with an engaging story mode that creates a whole world, even a virtual Twitter feed to provide fan reactions. Step onto the field August 28, 2012.

Just when your Sim was getting a little bored, EA announces a new Sim City for PC. With even more interactivity and larger global challenges, the world-building game is bigger than ever before. Scheduled for release in 2013.

To date, Battlefield 3 has 50 million players worldwide. EA is out to prove they are a premier digital entertainment company and DICE is on hand to assist in reaching that goal. Battlefield 3 Premium is a new rewards program exclusive to Battlefield 3 players. The program offers new skins, dog tags, weapons, server priority and more! The biggest benefit is access to 5 massive digital expansion packs, each focusing on different warfare tactics. Premier membership is available now $49.99 and members will receive early access to the first DLC pack, “Close Quarters.”

BioWare is celebrating the huge success of Star Wars: The Old Republic. They are not resting on their laurels, though. Adding more PvP action, nightmare difficulty mode, more companion characters, new level caps and abilities, and a new planet with a new storyline, BioWare is serious about expanding the game so many love and bringing in new players. In July 2012, Star Wars: The Old Republic will go free-to-play up to level 15 for new players!

Medal of Honor: Warfighter goes global with their story and ties the game to real world events. Now, players will be able to choose to become one of the 12 different Tier 1 operators from 10 different countries. Serve your country October 23, 2012.

Another big focus for EA this year is to connect every game you play across every platform you play it on. Nowhere is the push towards this goal greater than in the EA Sports franchises, with FIFA 13 and Madden NFL 13 offering more interconnectivity than previously seen. I shared a bit about Madden NFL 13 earlier, so let us take a look at FIFA 13.

FIFA’s Football Social Network connects millions of fans to the sport, their friends and their clubs. To date, 11 million people make up the FIFA club. All returning 2012 players will carry their XP to FIFA 13 and will receive a special bonus in club. In 2012, iPAD, iPhone & Android users will be connected to club. The iPhone App will be re-tooled to provide greater functionality. Gameplay innovation unlike previous years. Leonard Messi is the cover player for FIFA 13 and a huge inspiration to gameplay with his dynamic dribble moves and attacking possibilities. Players can expect gameplay innovation unlike previous years, with a smarter AI system, player impact engine and greater control.

It is no doubt EA’s commitment to sports fans that prompted the mult-year partnership with UFC. UFC has a large, rabid fan base. The ink is still wet on this deal, so there is no news about a new game, but UFC fans can rest assured there will be a future for their sports on consoles.

Perhaps you are a racing fan. Not to worry, EA has not forgotten you. 2012 sees the next iteration in the hugely popular Need for Speed franchise, with Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The team at Criterion Games put their heads together to craft a game to allow the player to feel the rush of a driver on the run. This year, Need for Speed gets more competitive by making everything a challenge worth XP. Sexier cars, faster chases and more social connectivity. Get ready to put your skills to the test October 30, 2012.

Bringing back their award-winning development talent, Crytek pushes the boundaries of shooter sandbox gaming with the return of Crysis. Crysis 3 promises new tech, more powerful weapons and engaging story-telling to rival the 2 previous games. Don your nanosuit and prepare to take back the city February 2013.

EA is one of the biggest video game publishers in the world. The games featured at their EA keynote represent only a small number of their blockbuster titles. The publisher has many more upcoming titles, so stay tuned for updates.

Leave us a comment below to tell us what titles you cannot wait to play!

The First (and Most Important) Day of E3 is Over!


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E3 is my favorite time of year. I might like watching the press conferences from the three main platform holders more than I actually like playing video games. Today, as I toiled away at work, I missed the Microsoft press conference AND I missed Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference. I missed EA’s press conference. Then, I came home, ate dinner, and was forced to choose between watching my beloved Bruins destroy the dastardly Canucks or watching the Sony presser, and I chose the hockey. Really, I missed everything, and E3 is the one thing that, year in and year out, I miss nothing. Therefore, I think it’s reasonable to assume that I can’t be the only one who missed everything. You’re in luck, though, because I have parsed though everything after the fact and managed to pick out all of the highlights, and I am kind enough to present them to you here in a very manageable form. You’re welcome.

The Expected!

Kinect. Microsoft continues to push Kinect because a bunch of people bought it and nobody’s really sure why just yet. For example, in the upcoming sequel to breakout Kinect hit Dance Central, you’ll be able to dance-battle a second player, and dance battles are probably everybody’s favorite thing I guess. Also, lots of Kinect will be invading a new Fable title. Peter Molyneux wants you to wave at your television to cast spells. I wish Peter Molyneux wanted to do something that wasn’t making Fable games because I don’t and I never will like them.

Gears of War 3. Yeah, that’s a game we all knew about already, but this time they showed a single-player trailer and this got people all worked up. I can’t get into Gears of War, but people like it so I guess that’s a thing. It looked like Gears of War but better than the other ones.

Halo. We’re going to get a Halo 4, which should surprise nobody because Microsoft formed 343 studios for the express purpose of developing Halo titles. Halo 4 will be the first part of a new Halo trilogy, which I’m sure will be the second trilogy in a trilogy of trilogies. In addition to this, the rumors of an HD remake of the original Halo turned out to be true. So lots of Halo in Microsoft’s future, to be sure.

Xbox Dashboard. The dashboard is getting yet another pretty massive overhaul, including voice navigation, lots of IPTV stuff, and better support for Kinect. The new interface sort of looks like Sony’s Xross Media Bar made sex with Windows Phone 7. I’m sure they’ll still find a way to sell you Mntn Dew as soon as you turn on your XBox.

Mass Effect 3. It looks amazing, and why wouldn’t it?

Uncharted. It’s probably Sony’s marquee franchise right now, and they’re riding it about as hard as Microsoft is riding Halo. Each of the two games they showed (One for PS3, one for NGP) were previously announced, but it’s always nice to let us see them because they’re sort of a feast for the eyes.

NGP. Or, as it’s now officially known as, Playstation Vita. Vita is the official name of Sony’s new handheld system. This is something that everybody already knew, so there you go.

HD collections. Rereleasing SD games in HD for the PS3 is Sony’s big new thing, and they really really love doing it. The Sly Cooper collection and the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection should both be out in the fall, along with the PSP Remasters God of War collection.

Apologies. Sony’s giving ‘em out because we all deserve ‘em. They feel terrible about what happened with PSN and they want to make sure that we all know.

Resistance. That new one looks good. The second one looked good too though, and we all know how that turned out.

The Unexpected!

Minecraft. It’s coming exclusively to the XBox 360 and it will have Kinect support. I know that you have questions, but that’s okay because nobody has any answers for you.

Bioshock Infinite. Remember how Sony got Gabe Newell to come out and eat crow during their press conference last year? This year they kind of got Bioshock main superguy Ken Levine to do the same about the Move controller. Ken even went so far as to announce move compatibility for Bioshock Infinite. In fact, he loves the Move so much that there will be an exclusive Bioshock Infinite game for the Vita sometime in the future. I know, right? I can’t wait to see who they get to sell themselves on stage next year.

Vita. Arguably the best news of Day One of E3 never even came out in a press conference today. In a press release which came out during Sony’s press conference, they detailed release and pricing information for the Vita. We can pick one up this upcoming holiday season for the same price as a PSP-Go: $249. Well, that price is for the wifi only model. If you want 3g, it’ll cost an extra $50. Given the reaction to the PS3 price, Sony probably thought it wise not to make a big deal out of the price tag, but it was actually met pretty universally with pleasant surprise. Granted, $249 is not cheap, especially for a portable game system. Still, it doesn’t cost anymore than an 3DS does. You could even call this price “aggressive” if you wanted to. I don’t want to, but I don’t feel strongly enough to argue you with you if that’s what what you want to do. I like arguing too. Still, if you were like “This is an aggressive price point by Sony, blah blah blah poor 3DS sales blah blah they could win the portable war this generation” I’d be like “Yeah, you’re probably right” an then somebody else would be like “But smart phones herdy dur dur” and then I’d be like “People like buttons that doesn’t count bop bop bop” and then I’d be arguing, oh yeah.

Yes, more things happened today, I know. But I’m tired, and this is all the most important stuff. E3 wasn’t as exciting today as it maybe should have been, so we’ll have to wait until Nintendo blows our minds (rolls our eyes) for all the mind blowing (eye rolling) stuff.

At the Con: E3 2010 – Ubisoft presents “Games You Can Feel”

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Gorgeous graphics synchronized to music, creating an immersive first-person shooter is one way to begin a keynote. Fans of Ultimate Rez were thrilled to see Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who started the keynote with a game-play demo of Child of Eden showing off its Kinect capability to open the show. In addition to the motion controller compatibility, Child of Eden can be played with standard controllers. Get lost in the psychedelic action when the game is released on PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 30, 2011.

Actor and television host, Joel McHale took control to present a section of the keynote dubbed “Games you can Feel.” Keeping the up momentum, Vincent Pontbriand, Producer, and Patrick Plourde, Game Director brought us Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. The newest in the popular franchise expands on Ezio Auditore’s role as an assassin in rennaisance Rome. This time, he is hunted by the Templars, shifting the focus of the game to offensive attacks, including horse fighting. As with the previous games, the graphics and scope of the environment is expansive. The online multi-player demo appears intriguing and impressive, calling on other assassins to complete missions. Don the assassin’s cloak again November 16, 2010 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Courtesy of Ubisoft

Joining Joel McHale, Shaun White appeared to show off his newest game, Shaun White Skateboarding. Nick Harper, Creative Director and Alexia Jolis-Desautels, Game Designer were also on hand to expound on the game and present a game-play demo. One of the key elements of the game is Transformation. Transformation includes shaping aspects which allow the player to influence the environment and create new skate opportunities on the fly. The new elements give each player an individual game experience.

If you are anything like me, the one thing missing from the motion controller hulabaloo is laser tag. Ubisoft is looking to fill that void with Battle Tag. Gaël Seydoux (Producer) & a group of players ran through the E3 audience to demo the game-play to show off this real life shooter you can play at home. The game is a combination of Laser Tag and a Shooter that will allow for co-op play for up to 4 players on each team. Battle Tag also allows players to track their game results on their home computer. Battle Tag will ship in late 2010 with 2 guns, 1 UbiConnect, 4 tags & 2 harnesses.

Courtesy of Ubisoft

Gaming is not all about the frantic energy of shooters, hack and slash games or platformers. These days developers are working hard to get us healthy. Enter Innergy, brought to us by New Concept Directory, Tommy François. Attach the finger sensor peripheral, which can connect to any computer anywhere. Focus on the graphics as Innergy helps you to focus on your breathing to achieve much needed relaxation. Feel the calm when Innergy is released for PC in 2011.

Keeping the focus on getting gamers active, Felicia Williams, International Brand Manager, and Michael George, Fitness Expert & Personal Trainer, introduced Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, being release exclusively on Xbox 360 for Kinect. Combining sports games like skiing, soccer & football, as well as, personal training, fitness classes or fun gym activities, plus online connectivity. Gamers can send activity challenges to connected friends and follow their stats and compare results with their friends. Interconnected with social networking so you can share your experiences with Facebook friends. June 10, 2010

Courtesy of Ubisoft

At the Con: E3 2010 – EA . . . Innovative and Online

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Electronic Arts (EA) has long been one of the most popular and respected game publishers in the industry. With games to appeal to players of all genres, I am excited to see what we can expect from the company in the near future. Announcing 10 upcoming titles and a loyalty rewards club, EA has a bit of something to appeal to players of all genres.

The keynote opened strong with a frantic chase scene from the upcoming release, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Craig Sullivan, Creative Director at Criterion Games appeared to highlight the latest game from the popular franchise. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit gives players the option to play as a career driver or a police officer in high speed car chases. Criterion Games has set out to push the franchise beyond the 2-player experience by incorporating online connectivity. Sullivan expounded on their mission, “we are setting out to re-imagine Need for Speed in a Criterion Games style for a connected generation.” The Autolog component to the racer allows players for compete and compare their results with connected friends. Watch the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer below and get ready to play “cops and robbers” on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii beginning November 16, 2010.

Courtesy of Criterion Games

John Riccitiello, CEO of EA, took the stage to announce the remaining 9 games set for the coming year, starting with Dead Space 2. Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer at Visceral Games, boasted the unmitigated success of the Dead Space franchise with the original game, comic series, animated feature and Dead Space: Extraction. Followed by Rich Briggs, Producer on Dead Space 2, who took the stage to show off some gameplay. Dead Space 2 is set to bring back all the gruesome violence and tension-filled, creepy atmosphere that helped the original game capture the horror/thriller game genre. Battle the necromorphs on PC, PS3 or Xbox 360 on January 25, 2011.

Courtesy of Visceral Games

In some of the most anticipated news, EA Los Angeles and DICE teamed up for Medal of Honor. Sean Decker, General Manager of EA LA, presented the first person shooter which takes place in Afghanistan and provides a single-player experience, as well as online multiplayer gameplay. The muti-player game includes Team Assault mode, a death match mode where teams go head-to-head attempting be the first team to earn a set number of points. To show just how impressive the multiplayer game is, EA staged a live 24-person demo. Become a Tier 1 Operator when Medal of Honor launches on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 12, 2010. Pre-order the game now to gain access to the online multiplayer beta which goes live June 21, 2010.

Courtesy of EA

Katrina Strafford, Senior Director Online at EA, provided a break in the game announcements by presenting the Gun Club. Gun Club is a rewards program for loyal EA gamers and provides early access to news, events and beta gameplay, as well as weapon unlocks and special features. The first incentive is for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIPs who pre-order Medal of Honor. They will be rewarded with beta access to Medal of Honor beginning June 17, 2010.

Courtesy of EA

EA also likes sports to prove it, they are releasing EA Sports MMA. A game in development for two years that brings authentic details from the look of the athletes to their individual fighting styles. EA Sports MMA also works in the international aspects of the sport with different training facilities and cages, fighting styles and rules. Peter Moore, President of EA, touched on the integration of online connectivity stating, “where, as always, we’re providing deep innovation for the core, we’re also on new platforms with new experiences and we’re infusing online aggressively into everything that we do.” The EA Sports Live Broadcast functionality of EA Sports MMA is a perfect example of how online community is factoring into game-play. With EA Sports Live Broadcast, gamers create their own fighters and hype videos. The online community selects the fighters they want to see battle it out. The selected fighters meet in the cage, while the match is broadcast live online, via console and internet, with live commentary. Get ready to square off on PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 19, 2010.

Courtesy of EA

Looking to capitalize on the motion controller buzz, Andrew Wilson, Head of Development, took the stage to introduce EA SPORTS Active 2. Making the most of online functionality, wireless and biometrics with an included heart monitor, more than 70 exercises and the ability to track progress online, EA is doing their best to help keep gamers active. EA SPORTS Active 2 will launch November 16, 2010 on PS3, Wii and Xbox 360, with Kinect compatibility.

Courtesy of EA

Keeping with sports, Peter Moore was joined by Hall of Famer, Joe Montana to talk Madden NFL 11. Tying Joe Montana’s insight into the complexities of calling plays with the new features in Madden NFL 11, EA’s mission with this installment of the much beloved franchise was to create a game that was “Simpler. Quicker. Deeper.” To that end, EA created a game that cut the time to play a full game in half and gives gamers more control in calling and changing plays. They also included 3-on-3 co-op gameplay. Get in the huddle on PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360 and Wii on August 10, 2010.

Courtesy of EA

This year Sims get free will. Rob Humble, Executive VP at EA Play Label introduced us to a wold of endless possibilities with Sims 3. Building on the fully immersive game, EA is taking it further with the ability to customize just about everything, from the look and personality traits of the Sims themselves to the design of their dream home. Sims 3 is available now for PC and will be available for Nintendo DS, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 this fall.

Courtesy of EA

In a world on the brink of anihilation, you are the ultimate supersoldier struggling to save New York City from an alien invasion in Crysis 2. Cevat Yerli, Founder, CEO & President of Crytek brought an action-packed demo and announced the Holiday 2010 release on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, including 3D versions.

Courtesy of Crytek

If you are looking for an over-the-top shooter, People Can Fly, part of Epic Games, would like to introduce Bulletstorm. A first-person shooter where players are rewarded for excessively violent and creative kills. Adrian Chmielarz, Creative Director at People Can Fly, Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director at Epic Games and Tanya Jessen, Producer at Epic Games presented a live demo that highlighted extravagant explosions, blood and foul language. This game is all about the havoc you can wreak. Why not earn points for the carnage you inflict? Look for Bulletstorm to blow up on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on February 22, 2011.

Courtesy of People Can Fly & Epic Games

Finally, to close out the keynote, Mary Bihr of Lucas Arts and Greg Zeschuk of BioWare brought the news every Star Wars fanboy (and girl) has been waiting for . . . a look at Star Wars: The Old Republic. The much anticipated massively multiplayer online game (MMO) touched most of the audience with a poignant and inspiring cinematic trailer titled “Hope”. In addition to the interactive game-play, allowing players to engage in player versus player battle using lightsabers and the power of The Force, each player will get their own starship. The starship will act as a home base, where players can interact with their companion characters and other players, or plan their next adventure. Watch the “Hope” trailer below and feel The Force.

Courtesy of BioWare

EA always promises innovation. With 10 upcoming releases, including games with 3D and motion control integration, they have lived up to expectation for the coming year. Integrating online connectivity and games to appeal to every kind of gamer is sure to entice more people to spark up their PCs and consoles. I’ll see you in game.

At the Con: E3 2009 Wrap up – Sony Keynote

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Jack Tretton, President & CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, opened the keynote showing a bit of humor by making light of press leaks in the gaming industry – even within his own company. He reminded us of Sony’s ability to provide a quality entertainment experience for everyone and their proven strength over the past year.

PS3 (currently priced at $399.99 for 80GB system, or $499.99 for 160GB bundled) Looking toward the future, Tretton has high hopes for Sony’s continued growth and kicked off the presentation by announcing the upcoming release of the following games:
1.) Modern Warfare 2 (to be released 11/10/09) from Infinity Ward

2.) Final Fantasy XIII (to be released in 2010) from Square Enix.

3.) Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (to be released in Fall 2009) fromInsomniac Games

4.) Batman: Arkham Asylum (to be released 08/25/09) from Eidos Interactive.

5.) Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer (to be released 11/09/09) from Quantic Dream.

6.) The Beatles Rock Band (to be released 09/09/09) from Harmonix Music Systems.

7.) Lost Planet 2 (to be released in 2010) from Capcom.

8.) Assassin’s Creed 2 (to be released for the Holiday season 2009) fromUbisoft.

Sony revealed there will be 35 Exclusive Titles, including:
1.) InFAMOUS (released 05/26/09) developed by Sucker Punch.

2.) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (to be released in Fall 2009) from Naughty Dog.

3.) MAG (no release date announced) presented by Zipper Interactive.

4.) Agent (to be released 11/17/09) from Rock Star Games.

5.) Final Fantasy XIV (to be released in 2010) from Square Enix.

6.) ModNation Racers (to be released 2010) from United Front Games.

7.) The Last Guardian (no release date announced).

8.) Gran Turismo 5 (no release date announced) from Polyphony Digital.

9.) God of War III (to be released in March 2010).

Jack Tretton began by offering sales figures to tout the console’s continued success in its ninth year, in keeping with Sony’s philosophy of a 10-year product life cycle. He went on to promise the PS2 will have a future, commenting, “We’re committed to this system as long as consumers see value in it.”

Sony announced they are adding nearly 100 new titles, hoping the continued support and development will hook new users and create even more loyal consumers “. . . today’s PS2 owners are ultimately tomorrow’s PS3 consumers,” Tretton pointed out.

1.) Sony announced new entertainment bundles for the PSP, including: Rock Band Unplugged (to be released 06/09/09), Dissidia: Final Fantasy VII (to be released 08/25/09) from Square Enix and Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines (to be released 11/10/09) from Ubisoft.

2.) Sony further announced a partnership with Disney to provide bundles specifically targeted to the younger audiences. Leading the charge will be a Hanna Montana that will be bundled with a lilac colored PSP (to be released in July 2009). Other bundles include Pets, Locoroco 2, and Rock Band.

PSP go (click here to view the preview trailer on the Playstation website)
Kazuo (Kaz) Hirai, President of Networked Products & Services Group and President & CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, gave us the first official look at the PSP Go, again poking fun at Sony’s press leaks, calling the device “. . . the worst kept secret of E3.” Hirai stressed the PSP Go will not replace the PSP 3000 or UMD. Instead the PSP 3000 and the PSP Go will be available 10/01/09 for $249.99, the same price as original PSP when it launched.

1.) Built with digital users in mind, PSP go features 16GB internal memory, the ability to download games and movies over wi-fi via the free Playstation Network. Product specifications show the PSP go to be more than 50% smaller and 40% lighter than PSP 1000, boasting slide-out body to hide controls, integrated bluetooth and a memory stick micro media port.

2.) To help enhance the total experience for digital users on the go, Sony is re-vamping the Playstation store available on the PC. Renamed Media Go, the application replaces Media Manager featuring a more intuitive interface.

3.) SenseMe was also announced. Hoping to improve users’ music experience, the application will analyze the user’s library to create customized playlists based on the mood the user selects.

4.) In an effort to promote developers to create even more content, Kazuo Kirai announced an 80% price reduction on PSP Toolkits.

5.) Going forward, all PSP titles will be available at Playstation Network Store and retail stores.

6.) Video Delivery Service will be available natively on the PSP.

7.) New content will be available from the Playstation Store. Content partnerships will include Showtime, G4, E!, HDNet, Starz, TNA, Magnolia Films, as well as anime and sports programming.

8.) Kazunouri Yamauchi, founder of Polyphony Digital, took the stage to reveal Gran Turismo for PSP (to be released 10/01/09). Running at 60 frames per second, this is a full-size game offering 800 cars, 35 tracks and 60 layout variations of the tracks. The game will offer single-player and mission-challenge modes, as well as an ad-hoc mode that will allow players to race with up to 4 players and trade or share cars.

9.) Hideo Kojimo of Kojimo Productions appeared to announce Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (to be released in 2010). Kojimo assured us he will be an integral part of the games production, both script writing and producing. Further, Peace Walker will be a full-size game, true to the franchise, yet still capitalizing on the PSP format.

10.) Some additional titles scheduled for release on the PSP include: Resident Evil, Little Big Planet, SoCom: Fire Team Bravo 3, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, Motor Storm Arctic Edge and Harry Potter.

PlayStation Network
1.) Nearly 50 PS1 classic titles will become available on the PlayStation Network, beginning with Final Fantasy XIII.

2.) The EA Sports Complex launched in PlayStation Home in April 2009. Sony is working to expand offering to include content for franchises likeInFAMOUS, Buzz, SoCom and Little Big Planet, as well as titles from publishers EAUbisoftActivisionCapcomNamco and Eidos.

Sony introduced their new controller (still in development) which features a sphere at the top of the controller. The system camera is able to track the sphere’s movement 1:1. Tracking precise movement, targeting and character mapping, the new controller reacts to different angles no matter where the player is.

At the Con: E3 2009 Wrap Up – Nintendo Keynote

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Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s Executive VP of Sales & Marketing opened the keynote announcing the company’s goal to “create surprise.” Commenting, “Now, once in a while, surprise breaks down the door in a form of absolute innovation; something so amazing that everyone instantly recognizes it. And sometimes it sort of creeps up on you; a grin, or a shout buried in the middle of a level. Today, we will bring you both.”

Nintendo Wii – New Games
1.) New Super Mario Bros. for Wii allows for co-operative or competitive play for up to 4 players, including the ability to pick up and carry other players, and player ranking. In addition, the game will allow players to switch between individual and co-operative play. To help accommodate co-operative play, the screen will pan wider if players are separated by a little distance within the level. Nintendo also introduced a new feature in the propeller suit. New Super Mario Bros. for Wii is scheduled for release for Holiday 2009.

2.) Wii Fit Plus’ release provides 6 new strength and yoga activities, allowing players to customize their routines and repeat activities. Fit Plus will even track the calories burned. There will also be 15 new balance games, including juggling and skateboarding. Wii Fit Plus will ship as a package with the Wii Balance Board, as well as stand-alone software and will be available in Fall 2009.

Nintendo Wii – Motion Plus Controller
Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s President & Chief Operating Officer continued the keynote with the announcement of the Wii Motion Pluscontroller. Claiming to be more aware of the remote location and the angle at which it is being held, the Motion Plus controller will offer better precision and more natural gameplay.

1.) Wii Sports Resort (scheduled to launch 07/26/09), EA Games Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10EA Games Grand Slam Tennis (to be released 06/08/09) and Sega Virtua Tennis 2009 (to be released 06/09/09) will capitalize on the Motion Plus controller. EA Games Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 will even ship with the controller on 06/08/09.

2.) Supporting the Motion Plus controller, Ubisoft’s Red Steel 2 will be playable only with the Motion Plus controller and will be bundled with the controller when it releases.

3.) Square Enix announced their release of Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers, to provide an interactive gaming experience exclusive to Wii to be release later in 2009.

Nintendo DS – Games
1.) Square Enix is also releasing an exclusive version of Kingdom Hearts for the Nintendo DS 09/29/09.

2.) Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story for the Nintendo DS is scheduled for release in Fall 2009.

3.) Golden Sun is also making its return on Nintendo DS with a release date in 2010.

4.) James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion, created by THQand based on the books, is a new intellectual mystery game scheduled for release 10/13/09.

5.) Ubisoft announces Cop: The Recruit for future release. No launch date was announced.

6.) Style Savvy is a fashion game aimed at pre-teens and twenty-somethings. No lauch date was announced.

Nintendo DSi
1.) Flip Note Studio allows users to create animations and broadcast the movies and will be available in Summer 2009.

2.) Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again provides players with the ability to design levels with full control. Players will also be able to share these new levels locally or via Nintendo wi-fi connection. Mario vs. Donkey Kong will be available for download via DSiWare 06/08/09.

3.) Warioware DIY gives players the opportunity to create their own games. Players will then be able to share their games with other Warioware players.

4.) Nintendo DSi Camera with 10 editing lenses will allow users to automatically upload photos taken with Nintendo DSi to their Facebook profile beginning Summer 2009.

5.) The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was also announced for future release on the Nintendo DSi. No launch date was disclosed.

Future Innovation
Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s Global President introduced the Wii Vitality Sensor, still in development. The sensor is a fingertip accessory for the Wii remote that measures a user’s vital signs. Future applications will focus on enhancing a user’s relaxation experience.

Exclusive to Wii – Third Party Titles
1.) The Conduit, from Sega will be released 06/23/09.

2.) Capcom’s Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles is also coming down the pipe for future release. No launch date announced.

3.) EA’s Dead Space: Extraction, was announced for a 09/29/09 release.

4.) Nintendo partnered with Team Ninja to develop its own new game for Wii, Metroid: Other M, scheduled for release 2010.

5.) Nintendo teased us with a trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2, a full 3-D Mario adventure to be released sometime in the future. No lauch date was announced.

Reggie Fils-Aime ended the keynote, summing up the announcements very well . . . “Bringing you names that are so familiar, but revitalized to make them new again.”

For more information including these, and other Nintendo E3 announcements, and for game trailers, check out their dedicated E3 press page.