Starbucks Expands Pick of the Week Program To Include E-Books


Starbucks has enjoyed a successful partnership with Apple, in the form of their “Pick of the Week” promotion. “Pick of the Week” is an incentive program for Starbucks customers, a way to reward loyal Starbucks customers in the know. At many company-owned or licensed Starbucks locations, you can find small cards near the register or the beverage pick-up station. These cards entitle the bearer to a free “Pick of the Week.” Simply logon to iTunes or the Starbucks landing page and enter the redemption code listed on the card.


The program began with a free song download via iTunes. As of August 23rd, the “Pick of the Week” program grew to include apps for iOS devices. Earlier today, Starbucks introduced the next phase . . . with e-Books. September 13th through September 19th, the new “Pick of the Week” card will be available, while supplies last.


The newest “Pick of the Week” allows the bearer to download an extended sample of Erin Morgenstern’s digital book, The Night Circus via iBookstore. While the promotion does entitle the bearer to a free download, it is important to note the download is a sample only. Readers who wish to see how the story ends will need to purchase the e-Book to download the complete book.


e-Books are not the end of the road for the Starbucks “Pick of the Week” program. In the company blog post dated August 22nd, Starbucks mentioned the expanded “Pick of the Week” program would also include television shows and more. What exactly “more” is remains to be seen.


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Tell us what you think in the comments below. What do you think of the changes to the “Pick of the Week” promotion? Are you excited about expanding the promotion beyond free song downloads? Do you think the promotion will continue to be successful as they branch out into other mediums of entertainment?