Review – Syfy’s Being Human: Season 1 Episode 6 “It Take Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong”

Erin Willard reviews Being Human airing on SyFy. SyFy takes on the hit UK show about a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf living together as they attempt to keep hold of their humanity in this re-imagining.

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Being Human airs Mondays at 9pm ET on SyFy.
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This was another solid episode that moved each of the characters’ stories forward, perhaps more equally than has been done in previous episodes.  I was pleased to see that Sally was given a storyline that seems to best fit her presence.  More than anything else right now, she is mad.  Enraged.  She calls it being in crisis but it appears that her only crisis is not being able to find a better outlet than to make the house rumble – which I love.  A great physical manifestation of all that is quietly boiling beneath her ostensibly invisible surface.  I totally loved her daydream of revenge on Danny through Aidan’s attack.  Her smile was perfect, and so was the music.  She does have some moments of hesitation when talking with Aidan about kharma, and when she learns that her new friend – “Being a ghost is boring, but a poltergeist?  Delicious!” – who thrives on revenge, apparently knows nothing about a door, or moving on.  Her one attempt at revenge on Danny went horribly wrong when Danny accused Bridget of “messing with him.” 

Danny’s instability and Bridget’s recognition of it, along with her belief in Sally’s presence, will be interesting to watch.  It will also be interesting to see if anything more develops with the ring as a “charged object” now that it’s been returned to Sally.  But hopefully they will deal more fully with Sally’s conflict soon, and not turn her into little more than a whining mope.  Make her quietly mighty, either dark in her revenge or light in her power to rise above, and she will continue to be interesting.

Josh’s storyline developed nicely this week, with his first date with Nora.  She’s spunky and clearly intrigued, now that she is learning about some of Josh’s hidden depths.  She’s a nice addition to the group – I love that she calls Josh “doe-eyes” – in contrast with Josh’s sister Emily.  Why did they have to saddle Josh with being the reason for two nightmare houseguests in a row?  Emily really seemed pretty great when we first met her at the beginning of the series, but as a wronged lover she’s become an irritating, irresponsible, and at least somewhat manipulative drunk.  The only thing I found charming about her was when she raced Josh to the door, and that was less her being charming and more the writers nicely capturing a childhood-sibling-rivalry moment.  Still, nice that Josh had some shining moments of clever banter and well-earned pride in his pre-monster past that allowed him to look like he had potential for being a mature adult.

It took me more than one viewing of this episode to really “get” that Aidan’s fixation on Rebecca’s video was the fear he said he saw on her face.  I can’t say that they didn’t hit it hard enough; maybe I just kept missing it.  His feelings for her are clearly more than just protective, but he feels “responsible” for her, and is conflicted.  I really loved and was intrigued by what Aidan said to Marcus when we went to confront the vamps about the video: “You don’t want me back.  You ever think what might happen?  You would be nothing all over again and you know it.”  So, Aidan and Bishop were considered “gods” back in the day when they ran together?  Could be cool to see where this goes.

I may have finally figured out what they meant by the title of this episode.  The “two” would be Aidan and Rebecca, Josh and Emily, and Sally and Danny.  Or am I wrong?  I’m enjoying the clever titles they’ve been giving these episodes, but more often than not they leave me scratching my head as to their application.  A little thing, but it bugs me.

Overall, though, another solid episode, and as notably different from the original UK storyline this week as it was strikingly similar last week.  The US version will never be the UK version, and vice versa.  Both have many things to recommend them.  Vive la difference.

Lots of great lines this week; two favorites: 
Sally to Josh: “Is it picture day at school?”
Aidan (when Emily arrived at the brownstone): “What do people like to eat?  What do we, the people, like to eat?”