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JLP_arisiaJessa Phillips aka “SultryMinxZoe”
Editor in Chief
Broadcast Director
Good To Be A Gamer Podcast – Producer & Host
Storm of Words Podcast – Producer & Host
Comic Book Heroines – Producer & Host


Bred to be a Geek and she is proud of it! Jessa is the daughter of SciFi fans and technophiles. Brought up on heavy doses of Star Trek & Star Wars, it is no surprise shiny objects still catch her attention. Her voracious appetite for all things tech began with her first computer, an Apple II GS (pin-fed Imagewriter pages she still has in her possession, for their sentimental value).

Escaping her day job in the land of HTML and Twitter posts, Jessa maintains her geek cred as a freelance web designer and blogger. Articles penned by Jessa have been featured on Rocket LlamaGame Tyrant, Action Flick Chick, RevolutionSFHour42Geek Girls Network & Txt Movie ClubShe was bit by the podcasting bug when she became a regular on the We Talk About LOST ReWatch Podcast and can now be heard as a regular guest on Tuning Into SciFi TV’s Saturday B Movie Reel Podcastas well as the RevolutionSF RevCastEarth Station One and Shauncastic. That is, when she is not producing and hosting podcasts here at Good To Be A Geek. Always connected, Geek penetrates her focus at all times. Even while she is working, there is a technology or gaming podcast playing in the background. Jessa is a member of the International Association of Internet Broadcasters (IAIB).

Her most recent foray into the geekdom has been conventions. If you cannot find her online, chances are she is at a convention. When recently asked what would be the one item she would grab if her house were on fire, she proudly replied, “my convention badges.” She has been honored to be a panelist at Arisia and ConnectiCon, as well as on the American SciFi & Fantasy Media & American Classic SciFi Tracks at Dragon*Con.

Adding feathers to her cap, Jessa was featured as Voice of a Gamer for the Entertainment Consumers Association. This year, she is a judge for The Geekie Awards in the Video Game category.






Entertainment Consumers Association – Voice of a Gamer


Looking for more of her work? See her extensive list of appearances below.






Media Track
Beyond the Guild: Webseries Worth Watching
Game of Thrones: 2015 Edition

Gaming Track
The Plight of the Older Gamer
Video Gaming Year in Review

Communities Track
Race & Identity Issues in Sci-Fi

Courtesy of Dragon*Con


American Sci-Fi Classics Track
Geek Year 1984 Roll-a-Panel
She-Ra and the Panel of Honor
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
DUNE: The Anniversary Must Flow

American Science Fiction & Fantasy Media Track
Under the Dome: Chrysalis
Silver Screen Linings
Game of Thrones: Loosing the Chains
A Pirate’s Life
Race and Sci-Fi Media
Bodicerippers & Angst
Helix: Icebreaker
Game of Thrones: Beasties

Podcasting Track
Building a Podcast Network from Scratch



Media Track
Beyond Sharknado: Syfy’s Glorious B Movies

Gaming Track
2013 Game Consoles: The Review

Communities Track
Race & Identity in Fandom

Courtesy of Dragon*Con


American Sci-Fi Classics Track
Disney-Fied Sci-Fi
SeaQuest DSV : 20th Anniversary Under The Sea
8 Bits of Awesome: 80s Video Games
Ghostbusters Fan Stream Crossing
1983: Geekamania in TV & Movies
Farscape Fan Gathering

American Science Fiction & Fantasy Media Track
What do we mean by New Media Series?
GoT: Red Wedding Tears
Living and dieing in 3/4s time
Sexing up History
Under the Dome: the Mystery under glass
Snack Counter Medium or Large?
GoT Religions: We want you for the Red God!






Battlestar Galactica
Joss Whedon is our Master Now



Gaming Track
Gender & Gaming
Gaming Year in Review

Courtesy of Dragon*Con


American Sci-Fi Classics
Confessions of B-Movie Fanatics

8-Bits of Awesome: Classic 80’s Video Games

Farscape Fan Forum
Saturday Morning Sci-Fi TV: From D&D to Demon Dogs
Truly Outrageous: Girl Heroes of the 1970’s & 1980’s
Seeing Red: 1980’s Soviet Movie & TV Villains

American Science Fiction & Fantasy Media
Syfy Movies: The Good, the Bad & 5 Things You Never Knew
Game Show of Thrones (Judge)
Web Series You Should Be Watching
Game of Thrones: The Gray Scale









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