Freedom IS Free! Happy Birthday, Mr. Franklin!

The authoress confers w/Mr. Franklin in Boston. Photo: JSDevore

Update: Apparently, Savannah of Williamsburg: Ben Franklin, Freedom & Freedom of the Press, Amazon/Kindle ranking is #1 in Non-Fiction (although it is historical-fiction) and Perspectives on Law/Legal History!! Yea, Miss Savannah Squirrel!!


Calling all history geeks! It’s Ben Franklin’s birthday and my pally Jennifer Susannah Devore is giving you a little freedom, for free! Savannah of Williamsburg: BenFranklin, Freedom & Freedom of the Press is free for Kindle, today only: Thursday, January 17th!

Kittens, that Benjamin Franklin was one prolific cat! Inventor, printer, entrepreneur, politician, writer, community leader, social organizer, coffee lover, lady lover, possible-privateer, all-around Good Time Charlie and … maybe even a secret element behind the Freedom of the Press we so take for granted? Maybe so!

For all you history geeks, Miss Jenny is giving you the tale for free: Savannah of Williamsburg: Ben Franklin, Freedom & Freedom of the Press is Book III in her Savannah of Williamsburg Series. (Read the original, official, Colonial Williamsburg press release here.)

Set in Philadelphia, New York and Colonial Williamsburg, the third in the series of historical-fiction finds a young, Swedish printer’s apprentice named Linus amidst one of the greatest trials in human history: the John Peter Zenger Trial. Add one great Scot of an attorney, Andrew Hamilton, the nasty and arrogant New York & New Jersey Royal Governor William Cosby, a secret weapon, a new twist on onus probandi and one stunning, shocking verdict of “Not Guilty” and you’ve got the trial that changed the course of American journalism and conferred upon us the all too important Freedom of the Press.

Don’t let the poncy squirrel in a frock scare you, nor the tavern cat, French court Pom or Venetian fox-turned-thespian. The thousands of readers and scholars who have made Savannah of Williamsburg: Ben Franklin, Freedom & Freedom of the Press #88 in Amazon’s Law Fiction/Legal Perspectives genre can’t be wrong. Let Jenny’s Squirrel Girl and John Peter Zenger share with you one of the cornerstones of our great democracy.

Read on, keep up, write oft and speak out, people!

"Savannah of Williamsburg: Ben Franklin, Freedom & Freedom of the Press" by Jennifer Susannah Devore

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