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The Global Future of VoIP

December 10, 2013 correspondent 1

There is an international trend that’s in full swing – older, copper wire-based systems are being passed over in favor of internet-based communication. However, some nations and regions are still significantly farther ahead than others in their use of this more modern technology. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will be [Read More…]

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Review – Google Chromecast

September 5, 2013 David Lucier 0

I got Chromecast. Here’s a quick overview. The setup is super easy. The only thing that may not be obvious is that it needs to be plugged in, either via USB or regular electric outlet. As most televisions are located near a power outlet, it is not a big deal, [Read More…]

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Top 4 Gadgets To Beat The Heat

June 18, 2013 correspondent 1

Summer can be an oppressive season. For all the joy in the long hours of warm weather, sunshine, and outdoor activity, there comes a point when all you want to do is cool off. After two solid months of relentless sun, you may be ready to seek a technological solution [Read More…]

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Some thoughts on OSX Lion

July 24, 2011 Peter Hurstak Jr. 1

Graphic Credit: Courtesy of Chris Messina   Preamble The transition from a Windows machine to my first MacBook was a little bit awkward. Like most people who aren’t so-called “power users,” I always paid more attention to the software than I did to the operating system. Because of this, maybe [Read More…]