Comic Book Heroines – One Shot Issue #2: Assimilation Squared

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Comic Book Heroines is a podcast featuring women reading, reviewing and discussing comic books.


In this One Shot, Amanda Brand offers her opinions on the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic series, Assimilation Squared, published by IDW Publishing.

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Comic Art Cover courtesy of IDW Publishing

Amanda Brand the comics, gaming, and sci-fi geek behind, where she writes about living the nerdy life, crafts, and conventions. She loves everything Batman, has a distinct fondness for the antihero, and will read anything ghoulish or gruesome. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @Geekphoria1, and see what’s amused her today at

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Beta Preview – Wildstar Beta Weekend 4 Impressions

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So, my first real shot at Wildstar! (I played for a few minutes at PAX East) The Beta is in decent shape. I did run into some issues, as expected. As this is a beta preview, I’m not going to be going over that any more than I just did. Wildstar looks to be in good shape and well on its way to release.


Graphic Credit: NCSOFT Corporation


Lets get one thing out of the way, Wildstar is a lot like World of Warcraft. No, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It takes just about all of what works and either builds on it, or takes it sideways. There are a few important distinctions to acknowledge about Wildstar though. That is what I’m going to focus most on here. Things like character creation, classes, races, etc. have a different and distinct flavor, but don’t stray far enough from “WoW” to warrant taking up your time here. The website does a great job of reviewing those.


Combat is still “push the ability” based but is much more interactive, as the abilities have targeted areas and are not auto-hit. For those who have played Neverwinter or The Secret World, that is the functionality I’m talking about. This works well and the abilities are different enough to make them all fun to use and/or combine. Wildstar brings both simplicity and depth by limiting how many abilities you can have on your hotbar at once. This is also limited by level, so as you level up, you have more and more access to abilities, available at once. For example, at level 7, you can put your abilities in slots 1-5, eventually unlocking 8 slots in total. It looks like you are able to create multiple “sets” of these 8 abilities. However, that option was unavailable to me at my point in the beta.



Graphic Credit: NCSOFT Corporation

Another great addition are “Paths.” This an additional option, chosen during character creation, which basically gives you one extra line of things to do during your game. The variety here is great! You have 4 options: Solider, which unlocks more battles, and fun prototype weapons; Explorer, which awards you for finding and/or reaching certain points on the map and allows you to open some hidden passages; Settler, which allows you to gather resources which you use to build or sustain supplies at buff stations in various points in the game. However, the Settler option also allows you to build huge expansions onto some towns in the game, giving even more new stuff for everyone. Finally, Scientists are for you lore people. They can research and analyze to obtain information about a ton of things in the world. All of these paths have their own unique quests and work well together – a great addition for people who want this type of content. They have their own separate XP progression, similar to trade skills in “WoW.” You can focus on them or ignore them completely. Oh, and don’t think this replaces crafting, that’s still in the game too.


The most obvious difference is in the visuals and tone of the game. The tone leans towards a more Saturday morning cartoon feel and it’s doing it pretty well. It doesn’t go totally goofy but isn’t afraid to be silly either, while keeping some element of seriousness in there. There are a few points where these two clash (something goofy a bit too close to something serious) but other than that, it works well. Overall, I do like the visual style going on here. I’ve always been a bigger fan of sci-fi than fantasy, so this cartoony mix of the two works well for me. On that front, what you see is what you get, so that’s all personal opinion.


So does Wildstar look like it’s worth your time? Maybe? This is where (hopefully) my ability to separate “like vs good” comes in.


First, some background on my MMO history. I’ve played “WoW” on and off, since around Burning Crusade. By “on and off” I mean, I play for 2 or 3 months straight, get tired of it, and don’t play for a year until something pulls me back in for another 2 or 3 months. That’s not the game as much as it is me. I’ve done the same with a lot of other MMO’s – Neverwinter, The Secret World, DC Universe Online, etc. I’ll play for a while, enjoying it and just loose interest.


After about 5 hrs of playing Wildstar, I became pretty confident the same thing will happen for me here. However, that’s not to say this isn’t good…because it is, very good in fact. It looks like it’s sticking close enough to “WoW” that it will work, while doing enough new things to make some converts. However, if you’re like me, this isn’t the one to keep you interested.


If you’re looking for an updated “WoW” spin off/sequel with new mechanics, a little more flavor and some sci-fi thrown in, Wildstar should  be at the top of your list. If you’re someone who has trouble sticking with your MMO’s, you’ll probably find the same issue here and with a subscription model, it’s a bit of a risk.


Comic Book Heroines – One Shot Issue #1: Doctor Who Special

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Comic Book Heroines is a podcast featuring women reading, reviewing and discussing comic books.

In this One Shot, Toni Adams offers her opinions on the Doctor Who Special series written by Paul Cornell.

Comic Cover Art courtesy of IDW Publishing.

Host Info
Toni Adams
 spends her days as a serious, dedicated veterinary assistant (just a inch away from becoming a licensed registered veterinary technician). She manages three local book clubs (Random Book Club, Scifi Chicks Book Club, and VF NoHo Cream Pies) and is a part of ten total book groups.

Her science fiction romance is catered by contributing to two websites: and

Her loves are further spread shamelessly across many fandoms. Her major fandom is Doctor Who but will gush endlessly about miniature gaming (MalifauxRasputina!), Magic the card game (black/white, she also hosts a monthly Boba and Magic group), anime, manga, knitting, cosplaying, crafting, and critters. Akin to finding a lotus, she discovered her first comic book heroine in Elektra while watching “Daredevil”. That led to X-23, swiftly followed by Runaways and Freshmen. Comic conventions are spent scouring the artist allies for new artists (Stuart Sayger, Jamie Tyndall, Greg Horn,Brian Kessinger), booths for new comics to love, and panels to admire more creative content.

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PAX East 2014: Going Home Again

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Attending PAX East always feels like coming home after a year at college or a long business trip – relaxing and partying with your friends and family who understand you.  This past weekend I, and 70,000 of my closest friends, descended on Boston for PAX East 2014 to celebrate games, gamers, and gaming culture. This was my third PAX East and, with the help of my trusty Guidebook app, I had my weekend planned out fairly well.  I forgot that no plan survives contact with the Con.

Graphic courtesy of Penny Arcade Expo

Graphic courtesy of Penny Arcade Expo

I arrived early in the morning and joined the mass migration to the convention center.   The PAX tradition of beach ball bombardment while waiting in line to enter the expo floor was alive and well until the ropes were lifted and we rushed the expo. I was quickly drawn into the expanded Indie Megabooth and was once again blown away by the quality of the games displayed. Two indie games really stood out to me: Loadout, a Team Fortress 2 type shooter, which allows complete customization of your weapons; and World Zombination, a tower defense and RTS hybrid, in which you can play as either the humans defending a city or the zombies trying to eat the city.

Graphic Credit: Edge of Reality, Ltd.

Graphic Credit: Proletariat, Inc.

Graphic Credit: Proletariat, Inc.

The bigger developers were well represented this year by Microsoft, Blizzard, Square Enix, Ubisoft and 2K Games, among others, despite the absence of Nintendo and Sony. Xaviant had an impressive demo of Lichdom: Battlemage on the exhibit floor that has you take on the role of a battlemage, fighting the forces of evil with customizable spells and a time dilation dodge maneuver culminating in a powerful area attack to help break up waves of baddies.  Bethesda’s booth rarely disappoints and this year was no exception as they showed off both Elder Scrolls Online and a surprisingly fun looking Wolfenstein: The New Order, which has you help the resistance fight against the world dominating Nazis in 1960 using experimental weapons to take on the enemy monstrosities.

I planned to attend several of the great panels but like a dog that sees a squirrel, I was constantly pulled off course by the expo and tabletop games. There was a great variety of panels that spanned an immense number of topics including diversity and gender in games, developer presentations, a Pokemon trainer seminar, the Dungeons and Dragons 40th anniversary, geek parenting, the mythology of games, and gaming journalism.

The tabletop area was dominated by Magic: The Gathering, as it is every year. Sadly, there was little representation from Dungeons and Dragons. MTG was very inviting to new players with open tournaments for those who had not played before or were returning to the game after years away. Tournaments for many games, like My Little Pony CCG, Warhammer 40K, and Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures, were well attended and many more people enjoyed the free play area of tabletop.

The quality of Cosplay at PAX East has been improving year to year and some of the cosplayers who deeply impressed me this year were the “Titanfall pilot,” “The Hound from Game of Thrones,” the “cast of Zelda,” and “Earthworm Jim.” “Starbuck,” portrayed by Jessica Paulding was fantastic and my favorite of the weekend, until I found the red and blue aliens from Sesame Street because when you asked “May I take your picture?” they simply responded “YuuuupYuuupYuupYupYupYuuupYup!”

Photo Credit: Wesley Potter


I always enjoy PAX East – meeting new and old friends, playing great games and getting away from the world for a weekend. Having returned to the real world, I’m looking forward to seeing my 70,000 friends again in 2015!

Storm of Words, A Game of Thrones Podcast – Season 4, Episode 1 “Two Swords”

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The HBO television series, Game of Thrones, has returned with Season 4. Also returning is Storm of Words, a Game of Thrones podcast! We’re back every week to discuss the latest episodes of the series and delve into the world George R.R. Martin created through his novels.




Jessa Phillips & Alexander McGrath, joined by Kellen Harkins return to the Seven Kingdoms to discuss the episode, “Two Swords.” This episode is mostly spoiler-free; however, there is some discussion about how the series deviates from the novels.

*** Warning: There is a huge story spoiler at the 2 hour mark. Please skip ahead 30 seconds if you don’t want to be spoiled.

The primary focus of the show is the tv series, so if you haven’t read the books you can still enjoy the podcast. If you have read the novels, just think of it as bonus content :-)




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Special thanks to Walid Feghali for the use of his music in the podcast. Be sure to check out his Sound Cloud profile page at to learn more about him and discover more of his music.

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Conversation with the Cast of Lost Girl of Syfy

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For those genre fans living under a rock for the past three years, you might not have a clue of what Lost Girl is. Here is a quick synopsis. Created by Michelle Lovretta and produced by Jay Firestone and Prodigy Pictures. It is one of the show that is created, shot and produced in Canada that shows currently on Syfy.


Courtesy of NBC Universal


It’s lead is Bo, played by Anna Silk who has transitioned by not even knowing she was a Fae to a person of consequence and a rebel against the status quo of Fae society. In this realm, all creatures that are paranormal are Fae of some sort. She does this with the help of Kenzi, who has to be one of the best sidekicks ever created, and her friends: Dyson, a werewolf; Hale, a male siren; Trick, who we find out is her grandfather; Tamsin, a valkyrie and Lauren, a human doctor who specializes in Fae biology. An odd lot to be sure but a very solid ensemble cast with lots of wonderful recurring characters that pop in and out to make the team’s life interesting.

One of the unique qualities of the show is that Bo, being a succubus is bisexual. While that is notable, what makes it moreso is it is not treated as odd or unique, it’s just who she is. It is one element that makes this show one of the best written shows out there, in my humble opinion.

With that, I was given the privilege to be a part of a press call/Q&A hosted by Syfy which included several of the main cast. Joining several intrepid podcast and website reporters were cast members, Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, Kris Holden – Reid, and Zoie Palmer. They handled all the questions thrown at them with laughter and thoughtful answers.

The questions themselves ran the gamut from ratings to plot twists to favorite moments.

Most of the characters in the show are Fae, so the question was put forward if Lauren or Kenzi would want to be Fae if they could. As was pointed out, Kenzi has dabbled in it herself. Zoie Palmer offered her thoughts that Lauren is essentially a character who experiments and would absolutely take that step if she thought it was possible. We have definitely been seeing Lauren stepping more and more out of her comfort zone in the past seasons and with some of her choices this season, I only see that progressing further. This was emphasized as she responded to questions about her scenes with Emmanuel Vaugier who plays the Morrigan, the leader of the Dark Fae. Lauren shifted sides this season and was able to act with Emmanuel for the first time. There was some nervousness she reported, since you never quite know if you’re going to ‘click’ with a fellow performer or not, but she was very happy with the work they did together and hopes for more scenes.

One of the more revealing and interesting points in the call came up when the cast was asked about the major plot twist in the “End of a Line” episode which recently aired in the US. Stop reading here if you haven’t seen this as we’re going to talk about a major spoiler!

In that episode, KC Collins’ character, Hale, is killed by the druid Mossimo. While I won’t get into my feelings on the death, other than saying it was painful, I do think it was a necessary and reasonable choice on the part of the writers. The cast discussed how they were affected and all of them praised KC and spoke about how busy he is as an actor and joked how they wanted to work on some of the shows he’s been on. For us geeks, he is also seen in Saving Hope, as Dr. Tom Reycraft. They insisted Lost Girl wouldn’t be as ‘cool’ without him around. Kris mentioned he thought it was bittersweet for him since he could still so clearly remember shooting the opening shots with KC from the first episode of the series.

This lead to the question about surprises, and if, as we have seen in other shows, the cast was caught by surprise as they read their scripts. Kris Holden-Reid fielded this one and brought forward the unusual nature of some smaller Canadian shows. They are pretty tight working units, with the writers and producers right there with the production end, so many of the changes and concepts that come up are bounced around between all of the creative staff. The actors get to toss in their thoughts about character development and it’s just as welcome. This was really a gem that I relished discovering, as it does not seem to be the case in many US led productions.

Tying into that concept is the question I asked about the maturing rivalry between Dyson and Lauren for Bo’s affections. Both Kris and Zoie offered they did not want to keep up the usual freshman-like attitude of one-upmanship that often occurs in these situations. That is not to say they wouldn’t now and then but they pointed out both of them have come to respect one other and see the value in the other person. That is not to say, they were quick to admit, that there wouldn’t be little jibs now and then between them over Bo.

A recent episode which gathered lots of attention was the “La Fae Époque.” In this episode, Bo went into Dyson’s memories, trying to find out what dark crime he was being held for, and was ‘him’ for that time. Most of the actors took up roles that were different for them – Lauren was a Fae lounge singer, Kenzi, a Fae mistress of ceremonies. They each commented on how their costumes were a lot tougher to wear, though Zoie Palmer seemed to have the easiest time since she has a lot of theatrical training and was able to utilize that knowledge. Although, Zoie admitted that even fake singing to her playback was a little tricky in the corset she wore. Ksenia commented she had to apologize to so many extras that day as the wings she wore stretched out far enough to practically poke peoples eyes’ out. Anna got a few insights in that episode. First, the itchy wool pants were hard to put up with but Ksenia came right back at her and said that no one else could make them look that good! Anna also gave a shout out to all the men in the world as she joked that taking the ‘man’s role’ in sex was a lot more work than she had realized! In the episode Dyson and the Fae Flora, (Zoie Palmer) have quite the history and Zoie joked about the unique experience of having to act out sex with Dyson; something she hasn’t had to do in her role of Lauren. They all really emphasized the pleasure they took in watching each other stretch their limits in that episode.

Now that they are in the pre-planning stages of Season 5 and about to begin shooting, the entire cast emphasized how hard it is to not spoil when they are on these calls or at conventions. The US schedule for the episodes is considerably off from the Canadian schedule so, in particular, Kris Holden-Reid felt that it really affected the show’s ratings. He urged fans to contact Syfy and see if there was something they could do to show the episodes closer to the Canadian air dates. Since so many of their fans are pretty tech savvy, it was really common for them to get the show through ‘alternative means’. I know personally speaking, I still made a point of watching the Syfy episode to demonstrate to the channel that the show has a lot of loyal viewers.

Those who know me, know I really enjoyed the series, Blood Ties, and seeing Kyle Schmid appear as Raynor aka the Wanderer, really made my day. I got one of the promotional Wanderer cards last year at DragonCon and once it was revealed who the Wanderer was, I thought that they might have planned for it to be Kyle Schmid. Sadly, that was just wish fulfillment on my part but they all offered him glowing reviews on what a pleasure he was to work with. Ksenia mentioned that she had worked with Kyle in something previous about 10 years ago and how it was fantastic to see how much he had really matured as an actor and really was a professional.

Asked about their favorite scenes to shoot this season, we got a wide range of answers. Zoie Palmer brought up her role in the “La Fae Époque” again, citing that as her favorite. Kris Holden-Reid mentioned his favorite scene we haven’t even seen yet, since it is in the finale and he couldn’t say anything about it. Though, Ksenia mentioned she really enjoyed the tango sequence in which she got to dance with both KC Collins and Kris Holden-Reid. She joked that it really gave them a chance to shine and show their twinkle toes. Kris backed her up on how much fun that was to shoot.

The cast clearly gets along great and has a wonderful sense of humor! They spoke about how much fun the recent (at least for the US) “Krampus” episode was to do and when they were asked about guest stars they wished to see on the show, they couldn’t pick out anyone specifically but spun it off to the Avengers making an appearance and suddenly they’d all have super powers and get to design their own costumes! They all got into the spirit of that and it was a real pleasure to listen to their interaction with the members of the press and each other.

If you haven’t watched this show, clearly I’m going to encourage to do so, as I think you’ll be in for a real treat!

Warehouse 13 – it’s back….but not for long


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I am a pretty big fan of Warehouse 13, and so glad it is coming back for Season 5 on April 14th on SyFy, but it is the end of the series. I am pretty bummed about this but it really looks good. I have a sneak peak here.

Last season left us at a cliffhanger where I wanted to throw things at my TV…actually I did end up doing that. But it looks like it gives us more of an insight to the new big bad, Paracelsus played wonderfully by Tony Head. We also seem to find out more about Claudia’s role at the Warehouse. Plus we will have all of the fun silly moments that make the show inventive and a joy to watch.

My predictions for this last season, just whatever happens, please please please do not put Pete and Mika together! Sorry shippers, it just happens too much. I think Claudia will grow more into her own, and fulfill her job at the Warehouse before it closes down. Also I really don’t think Professor Sutton played by James Marsters is really gone.

I hope I am right, cannot wait for April 14th!

Zoltán Kodály, Zoltán Korda and Cmdr. McBragg: Gesundheit!

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Cmdr. McBragg Total Television Productions/Gamma Productions

Cmdr. McBragg Total Television Productions/Gamma Productions

- There! The Russian-Hungarian border! Did I ever tell you about the time I …?

- No, Commander, but I …

- The year? 1812. I had just defeated the Emperor Napoleon and rescued Empress Marie-Louise from his clammy, froggy clutches, winning her fair heart in the process. It was dawn, the sun had barely risen over the …

- But, but, Commaaaander …

- Yes! French cavalry all around me! I, all alone with naught but my bare knuckles! Man-to-man, hand-to-hand I fought off the Emperor!

- Yes, Commander. How riveting, Commander. Do continue. ~sigh~

Cheers, kittens! It’s me, Hannah Hart! Now, I imagine there’s a whole bushel of you numnuts whom have no clue who Commander McBragg is. (Note: “I wasn’t born then.” is not, I repeat, not an appropriate response. Where you born when Mozart wrote Die Zauberflöte? Were you born when Thomas Jefferson wrote Notes on Virginia? Were you born when Wilbur and Orville Wright lifted off the Outer Banks? No. Now stop using that sad excuse. It makes you sound obtuse, oblivious and uneducated. This goes out especially to the bank teller in San Clemente whom declared proudly, with the look of a dumb turtle, “I Love Lucy? I don’t think I’ve heard of it. I wasn’t born then.” Idiot.)

Anyhoo, I digress, kids. Our own, kippy San Diego Symphony put on a doozy of a show last week and Yours Truly was there to soak in all the melodic goodness. Like getting Harvey Weinstein stuffed into a wetsuit, the concise one-hour and forty-five minute performance (incl. intermission and its $11 cocktails) was seeping and hissing at the seams with variety.  Whilst shorter than Yours Truly anticipated, it was most likely the perfect duration for a contemporary attention span: longer than a Disney animation, shorter than a Ken Burns documentary. Within these parameters, musical director Jahja Ling prepared for us a healthy feast of the classical.

  • Amuse-bouche of Haydn, Symphony No. 1 in D Major: light and refreshing like a crisp bit of apple, a little baroque violin and flute is the perfect bite-sized smackerel to whet the appetite.
  • First Course of Mozart, Oboe Concerto in C Major: always pleasing, never a bad one in the bunch, Mozart perfectly pairs with the incessant chatter of a know-it-all in the row behind you, schooling his friend on all things Mozart. Despite Mr. This was originally written for piccolo., Miss Sarah Skuster trilled her way into my brain with her lilting oboe solo, her elegant, nude silk-crepe and pewter sequined gown glittering and sparkling under the house lights as her form moved melodiously to Mozart.
  • Intermission: overpriced martinis and a de rigueur, long line for the ladies’ room. For once, the line was not an annoyance but a nice indication that live performance and The Arts might not yet be dead. Considering a notable attendance of the college-aged, to boot, perchance the symphony is not merely the realm of the dottering and the wealthy.
  • Second Course of Martucci, Notturno, Opus 70, No.1:  just as one would expect of a late-19thC. Italian, Giuseppe served up a hearty, family-style serving of boisterous joy. The serving was small, the smallest of the night, but like any good ravioli, all you need is a few bites, and a bit of Prosecco.
  • Dessert by Zoltán Kodály, Suite from “Háry János”: if Gammy Lippenstift -my paternal, Hungarian grandmama- was correct about anything, it was, Nem túl sok vacsoráznak. Helymegtakarítás a desszert! “Don’t fill up on dinner. Save room for dessert!” That we did. This was the longest piece of the night and, this is difficult for a Mozartphile to admit, the grandest piece of the night. (Entschuldigung, Wolfy!) Like Gammy Lippenstift’s rum-soaked Palacsinta (Hungarian crepes), Kodály and his own Cmdr. McBragg treated us to a rich and heavy, satisfying finale.

Before dessert was served, Navroj “Nuvi” Mehta, San Diego Symphony’s pre-concert lecturer and affable M.C., regaled the audience with the plot points, ingredients as it were, of our coming selection. He tells us of the old, Hungarian legend which says a story must be true if preceded by a sneeze. If one pays close attention, one will note the suite begins with one grand, “orchestral sneeze”: a great, instant crescendo which then swan dives six octaves throughout the entire orchestra.

Happily, too, for this old dame, he ever so politely offered a suggestion to the wet-smack, half-portions of the audience, likely the same ones whom never heard of I Love Lucy. As Kodály knows how to string together a tune and segue intriguingly from satire to drama and back again, Nuvi urged patrons to “please hold your applause between movements” and save it for the end. Thank you, Nuvi! What is this? Al fresco, Italian opera?! Hold your applause, jelly beans!

With libretto based on János Garay’s 1843 epic poem The Old Veteran and Napoleon, Háry János is an Hungarian singspiel -a folk opera, more a country musical than traditional opera- first performed in 1926 at The Royal Hungarian Opera House in Budapest. The S.D. Symphony’s offering was a suite of music from this singspiel: a purely instrumental performance of six movements, telling the same tale.

Háry János is an aging veteran of the Austrian Army, a cavalry hussar of the Napoleonic Wars. With little to do in his old age but drink and tell tall tales, he indulges locals with intricately-woven histories of his glory days: foreign foes, Herculean combat and lovelorn ladies left strewn across the land. This night at the smoky bar-tabac, he tells of the time he defeated Napoleon and his entire army, slashing and chopping his way through a thick Frog soup en seul  and rescuing the Empress Marie-Louise, whisking her away to glitzy, waltzy Vienna for a life of Austro-Hungarian riches and coffeehouses.

Soon though, the country lad tires of her needy and high-maintenance, City Girl ways, longing for the simple life back in his wee Hungarian village with his childhood sweetheart, Örsze, presumably buxom and beauteous with hay in her blonde braids, an apron filthy with blueberry stains and a devoted herd of goats following her lovingly across the farm.

The saga and its music float seamlessly between the foolish ways of the French and the flighty nature of coquetry, using brass and piccolos to signify silliness and satire and the deep, dark, dramatic patriotism of our Hungarian hero, employing strings, oboes and a cimbalom to elicit feelings of human heartache, true love and national duty. The story ending with what Kodály himself described as “an ironical march of triumph” as the Emperor of Vienna returns to his sycophantic court; Háry János returns to Örsze and the farm.

Now, back to the Cmdr. McBragg discussion. (See, the topic came full-circle.) If you are not aware of Commander McBragg, as chided previously, I can only assume you are equally unaware of Hungarian director Zoltán Korda and his 1939 film The Four Feathers. If you want to watch it, watch it. Suffice it to say here, it seems pretty clear that C. Aubrey Smith’s portrayal of Gen. Burroughs in the film had to be an inspiration for The World of Commander McBragg. Was Gen. Burroughs inspired by Háry János? Maybe, baby. The timing is certainly correct. Think on that over lunch.

With the current release of DreamWorks’ Mr. Peabody & Sherman, you might be aware of Rocky & Bullwinkle. (Please tell me at least you jelly beans know who Rocky & Bullwinkle are. Moose and squirrel?) Along with Underdog, (the canine adventures of Shoeshine Boy and Polly Purebred) Rocky & Bullwinkle aired cartoon shorts within their show, like Fractured Fairy Tales. The World of Commander McBragg was one of these shorts and today, the name McBragg is still synonymous with braggadocio blowhards. Like him or not, he does spin a ripping good yarn! If you see him at a steampunk party, stick close by … but leave yourself an easy egress.

Interesting story, both Zoltáns, director Korda and composer Kodály, served as Hungarian cavalrymen in their youth … just like Háry János says he did.

Orch dork extraordinaire. Photo: JSDevore

Orch dork extraordinaire. Photo: JSDevore

Now, many of you know my pally, authoress Jennifer Susannah Devore. Turns out she’s quite the Austro-Hungarian fiddler herself. (Not to mention a bit of a Commandess McBragg. Zip it, once in a while, Betty!) With a few, albeit unsuccessful, symphony auditions under her belt, she can still play a mean Irish jig, a mournful Mother Machree and a very pretty rendition of Little House on the Prairie‘s theme song. She is also currently teaching herself The BlaggardsDrunken Sailor.

Nevertheless, her German-crafted, Pfretzchner violin awaits patiently in its leather case for her to pick it up seriously, daily, once again. Terrifying memories of stuffed-shirt auditions and creepy college tutors urging her to “run away with me to Paris where we”ll drink champagne and play violin!” still haunt her. (True story. Ick.) Come on, JennyPop! You owe your parents! How many years of expensive lessons? How many custom-made violins? Maybe a few more nights at the symphony will churn you into gear, you orch dork!

Beaded gowns, pricey cocktails, muted smartphones and the questionable tales of a mustachioed braggart? Sounds like many an evening I spent with Clark Gable. (Did you know that man had a 44″ chest with a 32″ waist? He was so uniquely proportioned only bespoke Brooks Brothers suits could fit that Heavenly physique. Zowie!) An evening of sophisticated, analog entertainment that doesn’t take itself too seriously oft makes for an excellent date.

The moral of this story? If you used to play an instrument, pick it up again. Don’t throw away that hard-earned talent, it’s still in there; muscle memory is wild thing. If you have tales to tell, tell them and do it with pizazz! Hold court and gather a crowd! Wear more silk and sequins; at least pretend you care about your appearance. (Good Heavens, you’re a schlubby generation!) Get over expensive drinks during a night out; it’s still just a ten-spot. Eat more of your grammy’s baked goods and always heed Grammy Rosalyn’s advice: “A story must be true if preceded by a sneeze.” Háry János never started a story without a good one.

“Yeah. Milhouse played the violin for years, until it turned out the vibrations were screwing up his bones.”

-Kirk VanHouten, The Simpsons



Ah, yes. Quite.


*Une mille mercis to SD Symphony’s concertmaster Jeff Thayer, for spurring me on to play my violin again! Mesmerizing bow-hand, Sir!

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Inside Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe

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Tonight Marvel Studios is taking fans inside the studio for a closer look at their cinematic universe which has attained box office success and has pop culture icons back on the big screen.


Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Marvel has seen unprecedented success, reminding comic fans why we hold characters such as Iron Man and Captain America in such high regard, as well as introducing a whole new wave of fans to these larger than life icons. Of course, Iron Man has played a big part in the success of Marvel Studios with three films to his credit and The Avengers brought their universe together and provided a spectacle on screen for audiences. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been proving they can also make it work on the small screen. Marvel Studios is looking to keep up their streak with Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters next month.


It is difficult to pinpoint the recipe for the overwhelming success Marvel Studios has achieved; whether due to complex character development, well-developed story-lines, or good old fashioned action. In the documentary, Marvel Studios: Assembling A Universe, the studio gives the audience a look at the story behind the studio, exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage from the Marvel films with contributions from celebrity fans and pop culture icons.


Delve into the Marvel Universe tonight, March 18th at 8/7pm C on ABC. Catch a sneak peek with the video below, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Syfy Returning to Space with the New Series Ascension

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Syfy President Dave Howe announced development of a new drama series. In an effort to capture the success of other original dramas, Syfy has greenlit the six hour mini-series, Ascension. Created and written by Philip Levens (Smallville), the series is putting a wonder team in place to head the production. Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity, The Purge) and Mark Stern are taking the reigns as Executive Producers in addition to Ivan Fecan, Tim Gamble and Brett Burlock for Sea To Sky Studios. Levens will remain on board as Executive Producer and Showrunner. The series will be a joint venture with Universal Cable Productions and Lionsgate Television co-financing and distributing.

Courtesy of NBC Universal

Ascension is a return to space travel for the cable network as they attempt to regain a position in the “must see tv” category, such as Syfy experience with Battlestar Galactica. Howe expanded,


“Syfy is more committed than ever to bringing life epic event television. We have a rich history in this arena, from Steven Spielberg’s ‘Taken’ to the highly acclaimed mini that launched the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ series, to reimagined take on classic tales such as ‘Alice’ and ‘Tin Man.’ In keeping with that grand tradition, we are delighted to bring this thrilling, provocative and intelligent event to our fans later this year.”

The series takes place in a present day timeline to follow a crew of hundreds which departed earth in 1963 as part of a covert mission into space with hopes of populating a new world. Fifty years into their mission, a murder has the passengers wondering what the real mission is. Ascension is scheduled to premier in November 2014 and air through December.

Game Trailers – Batman: Arkham Knight

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Today, Warner Bros. Games gave gamers their first look at the next game in the Batman franchise, Batman: Arkham Knight, in the cinematic trailer, titled “Father to Son” (below). The reading of Thomas Wayne’s will, including his hopes for and advice to his young son, serve as an emotional reminder of the Wayne family tragedy, which haunts the millionaire playboy by day and crime fighting hero by night.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Games

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Games

Scarecrow is back and he’s assembled some of our favorite villains for the newest title. Among the familiar faces are Harley Quinn, Two-face and Penguin. It is immediately apparent developers are taking full advantage of the enhanced graphics capabilities of next-gen consoles, transporting gamers to Gotham’s seedier side. In Batman: Arkham Knight, gamers will finally have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the redesigned Batmobile as they race through the streets of Gotham in a fight to make the city safe again.

Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled to be released later this year on PS4 and Xbox One. Visit the website to experience the fun to be had with the new Batmobile and for updates about the game.

Nerd Night Out: Nerdcore at Comicazi – WarRock & Tribe One

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How do you spend Friday night? If you were one of the lucky ones last Friday, you were taking in a Nerdcore show.

Graphic Credit: Comicazi

Graphic Credit: Comicazi

Comicazi, a comic shop located in Somerville, MA, played host to Adam WarRock and Tribe One last Friday. While comics are their stock-in-trade, Comicazi is a pop culture emporium which often hosts events such as game tournaments, book clubs, and comedy nights. It was no surprise to find the back room full of nerds looking for a good time.

After braving hours of Boston traffic, Adam WarRock and Tribe One greeted the crowd at Comicazi and proceeded to entertain without delay.

Graphic Credit: Malibu Shark Attack

Graphic Credit: Malibu Shark Attack

Tribe One took the stage first and delighted the room with classic tracks, as well as selected tracks from his latest album as par of the two man team known as Malibu Shark Attack. Crowds will enjoy the new sounds from Malibu Shark Attack as Tribe One combines his flow with eclectic variations. The offerings on the self-titled Malibu Shark Attack may not sound like the hip hop you are used to; however, the variety is refreshing and you will be shouting “Malibu Shark Attack” before you know it.

For more about Tribe One, check his website, like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter at @TribeOneWon.


Graphic Credit: Adam WarRock

Graphic Credit: Adam WarRock

WarRock is celebrating the release of his latest album, The Middle of Nowhere, which was released in November 2013. During the show, he explained how important it was to play comic shops whenever possible on this tour, explaining some of them (Comicazi among them) were the first venues to give him an opportunity to perform and reach out to build his audience. Is there any better backdrop for his nerdy lyrics which every comic geek and gamer can connect with?

For more about Adam WarRock, visit his website, like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter at @eugewarrock


The music these men create is so much more than nerdy anthems and parody ditties. They both have their serious moments and use the opportunity music allows them to spread a message and make audiences think. It is embodied by tracks like “Different” from Tribe One’s album, titled Dirty South Swamp Thing, which attempts to encourage others to appreciate their differences and believe in their potential. While WarRock takes on the power of words when used to hurt others and how we can rise above.

Interested in seeing a live show? There’s still time. WarRock & Tribe One continue The Middle of Nowhere Tour on the East Coast through the middle of February before travelling around the United States. Check the website for tour dates and details.

Graphic Credit: Adam WarRock

Graphic Credit: Adam WarRock

So Many Monkeys: SyFy Original Series “Helix”


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No monkeys here. Too many monkeys here. Is that a monkey? Frozen monkey field. These are not the monkeys you’re looking for. Look, we’ve been at this over an hour and still no monkeys.

Helix, SyFy’s newest original series, is an experiment in extremes: viral containment, climate, human isolation and monkeys. Set in a cutting-edge research facility in the Arctic, Helix could easily be a next-generation, X-Files spin-off, picking up after any one of the Black Oil Mythology episodes, or even Scully and Mulder’s Alaskan exploits in “Ice” (S1e7).

It is safe to say, should you be an X-Phile, you will once again enjoy the glacial-blue light of Friday night, sci-fi-thriller TV. So, grab some snacks, zip up your Snuggy and leave a hand free; you’ll need it for your chocolate-covered frozen bananas and a handily-placed stun baton. It’s Helix time.

It makes sense. Steven Maeda (X-FilesLost) serves as Helix executive producer alongside Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: TNG ) and Lynda Obst (Contact, The Fisher King), as well as Jeffrey Reiner (Friday Night Lights, Trauma) and Brad Turner (24, Hawaii Five-O), both of whom direct episodes: “Pilot” (S1e1) and “Vector” (S1e2), respectively. “274″ (S1e3) is directed by Steven A. Adelson (Haven, Sanctuary).

Psychologists suggest the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. Naturally, Helix is bound to exhibit influence from so many involved, experienced and august, above-the-line raconteurs; Maeda’s past simply shines through the brightest, at least thus far in the series. SyFy tenderfoot and Helix creator/writer/co-executive producer Cameron Porsandeh finds himself very fortunate in his professional company.

Like many a thriller, our secretive, U.S. government provides unwitting and reluctant heroes plucked from deep within federal cubicle farms. This time, it’s the CDC; to boot, the protags, de rigueur, have a bevy of personal and interpersonal issues compiling their newly assumed duties. All this makes working in a lockdown facility full of sharp, shiny, metal instruments, and possibly run amok with infected monkeys, situated on an merciless, frozen tundra, if one could escape, extra fun.

Shot on-location in Montréal, Québec, including on a sound stage dubbed “The Freezer”, Helix effectively presents viable, unsettling, virtual feelings of claustrophobia and agoraphobia. Add what Maeda calls “an invisible villain”, and you’ve got fear and panic factory-sealed in an icy gift box.

“You can’t touch it. You can’t taste it. But it’s there,” Maeda added in a SyFy press call with Helix actress Kyra Zagorsky (Smallville, Soldiers of the Apocalypse) who plays the emotionally severe yet painfully professional Dr. Julia Walker.

Zagorsky concurred about the fictional virus:

  • This virus … it’s something that they’ve never seen and that, in itself, is quite frightening in a story because this is something that happens all the time, a real life epidemic scare, you know. I mean, I think there was just a couple reported cases this last week in Vancouver of some deaths of people passed away with H1N1. You know, it’s something that’s really out there for people.

At the Ilaria Corporation high-tech research facility, Arctic Biosystems, the true menace is neither simian nor even meteorological in form; although the agoraphobic nature of nothing but white death for leagues and leagues does present itself as its own, haranguing character.

Banking on mankind’s truest fears, like recurrences of the Black Death, Spanish Flu, Chernobyl and even the still-worrisome Fukushima Daiichi fallout, Helix writers, and actors, understand they are straddling a very fine line between fiction and reality. Audiences like to be scared by the likes of Paranormal Activity and Fire in the Sky because it feeds some primal need for adrenaline in our luxurious, SUV seat-heater, caramel double-latte, fingerless cashmere iPad-gloves, modern world. Audiences know ghosts and aliens won’t actually harm them, mostly. Yet, a mysterious illness, emerging out of nowhere, killing indiscriminately and painfully at a near 100% mortality rate whilst fueling its autonomous need to propagate? That’s not just terrifying, it’s possible.

Interviewing Helix actors Catherine Lemieux (Blue Violin, White House Down), who plays Dr. Doreen Boyle with a hard realism, and Mark Ghanimé (Soldiers of the Apocalypse, Emily Owens, M.D.), who brings a confident approachability to the role of Major Sergio Balleseros, I was afforded an opportunity to chat with them about the story devices of fear and hope, human nature and dealing with mankind’s paramount fear of the unknown.

  • Catherine Lemieux:   Wow. Wow. I think that that’s just a reflection of life really like life is a balance of those two things in a sense of fear and hope through that and of conquering the fears that we get. So I think that’s kind of like a true reflection, the show kind of reflects the balance of life that we all try to achieve. And we all have fears and we all have to face them in that sense. So it’s a very, very human experience in that. It also being a Sci-fi experience and having this disease be completely unknown and completely from out of this world maybe, who knows.
  • Mark Ghanimé:    Exactly what Catherine says, and also the fact that if you look at some of the characters as we develop the story in the season some of the infected – the people that get infected in the base there is – there is the fear and the hope that these people from the CDC can help them. And, I mean, that kind of – it’s a very important story line on the secondary and the guest star characters in the show. A lot of times you don’t see too too much of the fear and the hope on the surface of the hero characters. But, we have that support from the guest stars on our show. You really get to see what the true feelings are of these people in the space. And I think, yeah, it is exactly human nature.

Does Helix face a difficulty down the line, putting a fictive slant on such a sobering subject? Mark Ghanimé espoused the following:

  • We’ve echoed this a lot on our previous interviews. The fact that what we’re doing in this show is not fantastical, is not supernatural, is not beyond the reach of the real world I think that in itself lends a built-in fear in that it can happen. You look outside your door and those things can occur. And I think that itself is enough to put the fear of God into people. Yeah, for lack of a better term.

Catherine continued with the idea of character-identification, linking that sympathetic emotion of fear between actor and viewer.

  • The possibility, I think, of it – the possibility of any situation that’s on television or on film or what have you is definitely the link with the audience in that sense. If an audience member can identify and see themselves in this problem that these characters are having then you really do have a connection.

“The primary goal,” directs the CDC’s head of Special Pathogens, Dr. Alan Farragut, played sternly by Billy Campbell (The O.C., The 4400) “identify the pathogen.” Narvik is the mystery pathogen. Narvik is its name, killier black goo is its game. Whether you get strain-A or -B is when the game comes afoot and that is up to fate, and the writers: Cameron Porsandeh (Helix), Misha Green (Heroes, Sons of Anarchy), Keith Huff (House of Cards, Mad Men) and Ronald D. Moore (Caprica, Star Trek: First Contact). Moreover, climate conditions at Arctic Biosystems are so heinous they wreak havoc on helicopter mechanisms, making it futile to depend on, or even hope for, outside help, thus adding desperation and panic to fundamental fear and those oh-so-gelled, previous feelings of claustrophobia and agoraphobia everyone is experiencing, including the pathos-brimming rats and monkeys.

Fair warning to the squeamish and the animal-empathetic. Animal lovers might spend a good deal of each show watching through closed hands. Lab rats and monkeys make regular appearances in various stages of distress and infection. SFX, MUA, CGI and robotics they might be; still, the visuals are disturbing and one wonders how much animal suffering some viewers will stomach before switching over to a much-needed dose of happy and silly via Archer or Bob’s Burgers on Netflix? It would be funny if the animal testing was conducted at Springfield’s “Screaming Monkey Medical Research Facility”, as seen on The Simpsons episode “HOMR” (S12e9). Alas, it is not. Still, Catherine Lemieux assuaged the concern about the animals on-set, assuring viewers everyone is well-cared for, without a doubt.

  • I just wanted to point out that we also had a vet on set. And she was great. She’s somebody that I could use a total resource. Her name was (Ev) and I don’t know her last name. but I considered that such a gift from production to be able to speak to somebody who actually is a veterinarian and who deals with that on a day to day basis. So that was really, really a great help.

Do your contact make you wish you were dead?

At the end of the interview, I asked both Lemieux and Ghanimé about an ad for Ilaria’s Infinity contact lenses. How does it link to the untenable situation at Arctic Biosystems. The query was originally posited by, of all people, a Chair of Ophthalmology at U.C. Davis. The good doctor and I wondered if it could have something to do with the inhuman, silver eyes of Dr. Hatake (played astringently by Hiroyuki Sanada). The question was responded to with an immediate aaahhs and hmmms; one could almost hear them shifting in their seats as they pondered my question. All to no effect, though; Ghanimé’s answer was curt.

  • I have a huge answer. It’s a juicy one. Are you ready for this? No comment. We cannot talk about that … said with all humor of course.

New episodes of Helix air on SyFy, Fridays @10p/9c

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Sharknado & Syfy Original Movies: Panel with Syfy Executive VP, Tom Vitale

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It takes a certain kind of fan to enjoy Syfy Original Movies. The appeal of these films vary from person to person; whether it stems from an appreciation of the tongue-in-cheek nature these films embrace, to fans supporting actors they enjoy, to people who enjoy sharing these movies with a group of friends in a viewing party. Certainly, a major attribute to their success is the professionalism and earnestness each member of the cast and crew brings to each film. It is the ability to sell the story and action which allows these films to capture the magic of the B movie genre.


I am a self-professed fan of the Syfy Original Movie. Those readers among you who have seen me at a convention, know I can often be found behind the panelist table discussing these movies. My time at Arisia this year was no different when I had the opportunity to sit alongside Tom Vitale, Executive Vice President of Programming  & Original Movies for Syfy and Chiller. Along with my fellow panelists Randee Dawn, Bob “MovieBob” Chipman and Michael McAfee, we discussed the origin of Syfy original movies, the productions and the future of these films.


Syfy original movies take approximately 14 months to produce, from concept to wrap. In most instances, Syfy assumes about half of the production costs, splitting them with the production studio. While in their heyday, Syfy was producing two movies per month, audiences have no doubt noticed a decline in new titles. The network feels the market has become over-saturated, leading to the decision to cut back on production. The next original movie is slated to air in April. The schedule will then return with some regularity. Last year, Syfy made the decision to move original movies from their long held Saturday night time slot to Thursday night. This move seems to work in their favor and will likely remain the time slot for the foreseeable future. However, with the lack of fierce programming competition in the summer, Syfy may take advantage with marathons of previously aired original movies.


After-market distribution of original movies is one aspect where consistency is elusive. Licensing can be convoluted and governed by producing rights, filming location, as well as international sales and DVD release windows. This explains why some movies do not make it to DVD or will not be available through streaming sources, such as Syfy’s website, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.


Sharknado has been the greatest success Syfy has experienced with an original movie. The title was able to capitalize on it’s success with a theatrical release when Fathom Events approached the network to create a special one-night only midnight screening across the country. Syfy does field requests for original movie screenings for film festivals and large fan events, recognizing these films are often better viewed with a crowd.


With regard to the types of films represented in the stable of original movies, there is an inherent pull towards creature features. Whether it is a romantic nostalgia for the Creature Double Feature many fans remember, or the idea of facing an uncontrollable beast of nature is unknown. Undoubtedly, every sub-genre gets its day, depending on the mood of audiences – initially it may have been aliens or natural disasters, tomorrow it may be robotic animals. The interests of the audience dictate which foes will see the small screen.


Which Syfy Original Movies have you enjoyed? What about these films paying homage to the B movie genre appeals to you?

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